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April 19, 2021 Channeling - Fear Or Love?

A few minutes before we met, I began writing down questions I had. I usually show up, open and ready to receive whatever is meant to come through. This time, I thought, I will be prepared with questions...there's so much I want to know right now! So I sat and the questions began to flow, and as I wrote each one, my inner voice (My Higher Self) just laughed..."What are you doing???"

I continued to write, realizing the questions I was writing were surface questions. Until finally at questions number 6, the voice said, "Ahhh...there you go. Now we're getting somewhere." And I instantly realized all the other questions didn't matter. So I giggled to myself, and entered into our channeling circle completely open to what needed to come through, and to expand on my question:

What healing work do I need to focus on now?

Q: Welcome. Whatever energy, presence you're feeling, would you like to put a name or description to whatever you may be aware of?

A: I'm just seeing this light body in front of me that is... I guess is the only way to describe it would be alien like. But it is just a being of light. It's smaller. And my Higher Self is here with it.

Q: Welcome both these presences. And just feeling into, if you'd like to merge with one or both, or just speak to them, and speak to me about what they are saying to you.

A: The beings name is Zerk. I'm not sure what his message is. My Higher Self is saying they have most of the message for me, but to listen and something may come from Zerk that I need to hear.

Q: I feel the energy may be some sort of download taking place?

A: Mmmhmm.

Q: Just allow it. That it's for your highest good, even non-verbal, just energetic.

A: Yes, for the human level, you fear what you do not know. What you are seeing, what the humans are experiencing in humanity right now on this Earth at this time, is fear of the unknown. This may be the downfall of the human but also is a huge opportunity to catapult or launch you into a new realm, new direction, new space. And this is what Earth here was designed for: To see what you choose to do.

What does your soul choose because you always have choice. Do you choose to move up and forward or do you choose to stay where you are, or fall back.

The root and catapult of this momentum is fear. Fear will bring you down or keep you where you are; love will catapult you up. The choice is always yours.

Q: Is this in relation to the question about deep healing and clearing of blocks that Alicia had?

A: No. This is just a message for all of humanity. For Alicia, for you, for all to hear and know and see. It is something that you know, it has been programmed within your DNA, and something that you know is there. Yet some are able to activate and remember and move up. And others are unable to. So I guess it may help and guide Alicia, but I am not here to give her specifics on her life and journey and purpose other than this message for all.

Q: Thank you Zerk. Thank you for your message. And now, if I may speak to whomever would like to come forward for me to ask the questions that Alicia is interested in. Is it Alicia's Higher Self?

A: Yes.

Q: Thank you Higher Self of Alicia. So the question Alicia had about areas of exploration for deep healing, clearing of blockage, what might she need to look at? Where can she invest her energy?

A: She needs to look down the line of her mother. There is deep rooted healing still. Even though she has cleared a lot, there is still much within from her mother that she is carrying. It is not hers, but her mother was unable to clear it, and so it is now on her to work through and clear because it's starting to seep into her children. and...she can. She's ready. I cannot give all details because it's work that she must do and learn and experience on her own, but she is seeing it. Much like she has seen another major lesson in her life that she has cleared and worked through. We have guided and told her there are two major lessons...she has many lessons...but there are two major lessons in her life, that she has been asked to clear. To experience. To learn. She is here to do this clear for the next generation. One has been done. The other she is ready to work on. This one may be more challenging for her. It's deeper rooted within her DNA. She is capable. She is ready. What can I tell her to help her...? It has to do with areas of worthiness. She needs to explore worthiness. Judgement.

Q: Worthiness and judgement. Alicia exploring those two together. Thank you Higher Self. And the powerful energy, the mother energy. The lineage of motherhood and her mom, and further down the line, feel that energy. Much to wok with there, thank you. Is there more you would like to say about that or about the cookbook or?

A: With the family lineage. And within the DNA it is also acceptance. Letting go. Finding worthiness. And she can do this...not so much of going backward in time to moments and down her ancestral line, but in her every day. Finding now, those moments. And finding her worth within her Self. This will be a key component to change and clear the energy. And I must say in regard to, she had a question she didn't speak of and ask, but I must speak on it. With her house, and everything, she must remember...she is the creator. She is the creator. What she thinks, what she says, what she feels, what she puts out... her energy that she radiates and vibrates on and she puts into the Universe will come back to her. So she knows this, yet she continues to still find herself in patterns of...I don't like to say negativity, but... she just needs to be aware of what she puts into the Universe. Because it is moving rapidly.

Q: Yes, so acceptance. Even acceptance of the part of her that lapses into the patterns?

A: Yes. Just to be aware. It's ok to not like things. In regards to her house... she is in this state because she is not clear. She puts out a mixed message. She's happy...but she doesn't like this about her house. She is happy here... but this. It's mixed messages and it is especially important now to be extremely clear with what you are putting forth.

Q: So perhaps making peace with the parts she is not preferring?

A: Yes. And trusting that all will unfold in time. As I've told her, as she's been guided in past, she needs to just keep stepping forward and focus on this. This does not mean to shut our her feeling. She can feel...and then allow it to move. When she speaks that energy, when she puts forth, when she gives... When she gives energy to that thought or feeling, that's what takes it out into the Universe. She can have the feeling. She can have the thought. Allow it to pass through, and then keep stepping forward.

The moment, and this is for all, anyone... The moment that you put energy into that feeling or thought, it is put out into the Universe, and that is where the attraction comes back.

Q: Yes. So there's a difference between being with, and putting the energy into...

A: Yes. And I must say again. I want to make it very, very clear because so many humans struggle with this.

You have the feeling, You have the thought. You are meant to have those. That is what the human race was designed for. To have the experience. What you need to learn is to allow it to pass through. Feel, think, let it pass through. Then you put forth energy that you want. The moment you switch it and give it energy is what is putting out to the Universe. That is what you are drawing within you. It's two very distinctive ideas of thought.

Q: Thank you Higher Self. Is there a way that you can help Alicia to notice so that she can shift from putting energy into these less productive thoughts and into visions that she wants to manifest. Is there a way she can help notice?

A: She's aware. She notices. Sometimes her Human Self just can't seem to help itself.'s part of her journey. It's ok. How can I help her with this? Mmmm... All I can say to her is to listen back to what I am saying, and then from here to just keep stepping forward in her purpose, in her path, in what she wants. What she wants...that's where her energy needs to be focused. Feel everything she needs to feel. But what she wants...put her energy fully and completely into this.

Q: Yes. That sounds lovely. Thank you Higher Self of Alicia. Is there any other message from any other guide of Alicia?

A: Yes, one more, and this is from me still. That with her, the cookbook, and with any endeavor she wants to step forward in... to do it. To not wait. Not wait for the right moment. Not wait for a time that everything seems to be able to make it happen. Just step forward in it. If she has a desire. If that spark, that inner voice that comes forth, and has that desire, that joy within of wanting to do it; she needs to do it. Take the step in that direction. Whatever it is. However many steps she's taking at one it and move forward in those paths with that energy and she will be supported.

Q: Very good. And any message about writing and what role it might play?

A: It is a passion of hers and she must follow that. I cannot say what energetic exchange or abundance will come from that. What will come from that I can say, is joy. That's where her joy lies and that's where she needs to follow.

Q: Thank you Higher Self of Alicia.

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