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April 21, 2021 channeling - Message for Humanity

I sat down to write this last week after channeling circle, but I allowed Spirit to flow through me, and something else came out entirely. You can read that message here.

So I finally came back around to sit down and listen to my last channeling circle and transcribe the message.... My dear friend and I were able to get together amidst our busy schedules and squeeze in 40 minutes together. I love this time. It creates the space for us to be fully emerged and present, surrendering with complete trust to the journey before us. When we are able to do this, the information that comes forth is so powerful.

I've had many ask me what exactly is channeling? The best way I can describe it, is the guidance of the inner voice speaks directly through you. Often I see, I'm told, and I have this feeling of knowingness that runs throughout my body. I shield and protect myself so that only the highest vibrational beings come forth for the highest good of all. That is strictly who I ask to work with. I trust in this and in my Self, and I surrender to the process and allow the words to flow. It's similar to that inner voice you hear throughout the day that guides you. Some may call it God. Some may call it intuition. I go to a different level and seek out who the voice actually is during a channeling circle, and allow it to speak through me. Usually I don't remember what is said, just a feeling that I'm left with. So it is important to me to go back and listen, as well as transcribe them. As I do so, I found the messages all fit together like one big puzzle a map of my life.

Channeling in this manner in circle with others I trust allows more to come forth, because it is really helpful to have someone ask questions, which usually provides more in depth information than if I were to just get a message on my own. If you would like to learn more about channeling and how to do it, please feel free to message me.

Q: Feel the guide closely who wishes to speak...?

A: I have two around me.. I think who wishes to speak is my Higher Self.

Q: Welcome Higher Self of Alicia. Thank you for your presence here today. Alicia has some questions about her business, the healing work she is doing; Loving Green and Holistically Centered... Higher Self of Alicia, do you have anything you'd like to convey about this?

A: Yes, I need to merge with Dharma.

Q: Welcome Dharma.

A: For Alicia...Her questions around Loving Green, and what she is doing now... Loving Green is still very much alive, and it can still be alive, and she can incorporate this into what she is doing now. But part of this is what she had to go through to see what it would look like when she does not continue forward on her path.

She feels it. She knows. Everything inside of her body tells her and she moves forward, and then something stops her. And she lets the dream, or vision if you will, or the light...die off. And so this is what she has been shown with her business in the past, with Loving Green, and where she is now with Holistically Centered. There's a disruption because she stops moving forward on her path. And that is ok. This is something that she needed to see. She needed to experience. She needed to go through.

This time she is not on that same path. She will move forward. She will continue, and she needed this experience to see, because she is essentially having to start over. All of the ground work she had laid in the past, she is now starting over. And that is ok. That is part of her purpose and process through this.

She may incorporate Loving Green into what she is doing now, but it is best for her to stick with what she is starting now and move forward from this place.

Q: Thank you Dharma.

(I began to cry....)

A: She feels overwhelmed because we are showing her her path...Her past and her future. She is right where she needs and is meant to be. All she needs to do... All she needs to focus on... is to just KEEP STEPPING FORWARD. That is all.

Q: Thank you so much. Is there more that you would like to convey to Alicia in words or otherwise?

A: We want her to know that her path forward is clear. She has healed much. She has healed much karma. She has learned lessons that she needed to learn. All...everything....everything has been an experience that she has asked for in this lifetime. To help her to be and get to where she is meant to be and go in this life. And her path forward is clear now to do that. She just needs to keep merging, connecting with her Higher Self. Feeling...FEELING through her entire body. This will guide her. This will lead her forward. And she just needs to keep moving forward and not worry about the details, not worry about how it will come...just move forward. But her path is clear. And there is so much love.

Q: Thank you. Thank you guides of Alicia. Is there any final message for her or humanity?

A: For humanity I must say, because she is asking for this... She can share her journey. She can share her stories. And inspire and encourage others because each person here on this Earth...Each human has within them, the potential to be doing exactly what she is doing.

You connect to your Higher Self. You move forward with joy and love in your heart. You will never be steered wrong. Understand and know each experience is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to heal, and each experience that each human faces is what they have asked for in this lifetime for themselves. But to just keep moving forward.

Move forward with joy. Connect to your Higher Self. And most of all, love.

To connect with others on all things Holistic, head over to the forum to ask questions, get tips, and connect in a place that is free from censorship.

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