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Bloom where you find Joy - Channeling March 4, 2021

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

For the past week I have been feeling disconnected. A bit discombobulated. Unclear in my path. Uncertain of my gifts. Wanting to be of service but comparing what I am offering to what others are. And the nagging I enough?

I usually am in a very deep trance state when channeling in circle like this. I don't remember what comes through. I am only left with a feeling, and I have to go back and listen to absorb into my Human Self. Last week I was not in the deep trance state, and it through me off a bit. Today, I decided to surrender to the process and all I was feeling. And let whatever

A beautiful flower being came in to me today. I saw her delicate white blossoms around her, and the loud and clear message of: "Flower Child". I thought it strange and wanted to brush her aside, but a voice deep within said there is a powerful message here for you...that you and the world need to hear.


Let Go.


So, I allowed myself to be open. I sensed love, peace, and joy immediately, and I surrendered to the being before me. Thank you Liana for creating this space.

L: And Alicia, do you feel ready to speak?

A: Yes.

L: Very good. And who do you feel wishes to speak through you today?

A: I am Flower Child....

L: And is it ok if I speak to you, Flower Child, directly? And ask you some questions?

A: Yes.

L: Thank you for that. And Flower Child, you are welcome in our circle. Please allow our assistance for you and Alicia today. May I ask, who are you to Alicia?

A: I am the essence. The embodiment. The consciousness of all the flower beings that you see and experience here on Earth. I come with love. With peace. With joy.

L: We feel you. We are grateful for your presence. Thank you. May I ask, who are you to Alicia? What brings you to Alicia today?

A: I come to her today to share a message of what we are, so that she may understand her Self and her path, and what she is going through.

She is...finding herself attaching. This is where her confusion...her uncertainty... her lack of direction.... comes from. She is attaching. And she needs to just let go and flow. Go back within side of her Self.

Like the flower that you see... we open, we bloom, we offer our gifts. We don't attach to how our gifts are used. We don't attach to who uses our gifts, and who does not.

Like the bee that may land on one flower...may choose or may not choose to take the pollen. This does not upset us. We do not attach to this. We continue to offer. And this is what Alicia needs to continue to do. To offer. To be of service. Without expectation of how or who uses her gifts.

That is not under her control. Nor need it be under anyone's control. It is part of the Universe. This constant and steady flow of offerings. Of service. Each is on their own path. Their own journey. We take what is needed to continue on that path for each individual soul.

But the purpose and point is to continue to offer.

L: Thank you. That is very, very valuable. And as we perceive Alicia, does she understand what you're saying? Can she feel it as well?

A: Yes, she is starting to. It is difficult for her right now, because she is attaching. She is attaching how others perceive and use her gifts. But this is not for her to do.

Like a flower, we open to the Sun and soak up the sunshine because it feels good to us. This is where we find our joy. Opening, blooming to the Sun. And then that is when we attract the birds, the bees, the butterflies, the dragonflies, even humans. All creatures are able to enjoy what we offer.

She, and all of you can find what brings you joy? What do you want to open and bloom to? Keep this as a steady reminder within your heart, and when you live from this place, you are able to offer without attachment.

L: Thank you. Can we perceive that Alicia sees how to not attach, and how to detach from what she's previously attached to?

A: Yesssss.... We are working on her heart space.

L: Thank you. And while you work on her heart space, can you tell her anything that she can do...actions she can detach?

A: Just keep coming back to what brings you joy. Where does your joy lie? This will keep you in the present moment. This will keep you from attaching. This will keep you on your path. Your joy stems from within your Heart Space. Continue to connect back to this space.

In Love.

In Gratitude.

In Joy.

And allllll will be well.

She can picture the flower. And the bee on the flower. The flower open to the Sun. And the bee choosing or not choosing to accept. And it does not take anything away from the flower if the bee chooses not to accept what we offer. We are still a whole and beautiful flower. Just as Alicia is a whole and beautiful being.

L: Flower Child, thank you. Alicia, thank you.

A: Thank you.

I came out of this with more messages from Flower Child....

"We do not worry about the future and what may happen. How long we will live for. If a child will come and pick us. If butterflies or bees are not attracted to us. We just focus on what brings us joy....The Sun. So by living from a place of joy, we are able to be of service. We offer gifts...simply by BEING. We do not need to struggle. We fully enjoy this present moment we are given. Without worry about the rest. We do not judge who uses us, and who does not use us. That is of no concern and takes nothing away from us. This is what you need to apply and live by... Find your joy. Your spark. Live fully in each moment from this space, and you will naturally be of service to others who are ready and needing to accept your gifts. And those that your gifts do not resonate with take nothing from your Being. You are still whole. You still have much to offer. We all have purpose for being. All you must do is move forward on a path of joy."

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