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Channeled Message from Medicine Woman - April 28, 2021

The Universe aligned at the last minute so my beautiful soul sister and I were able to meet for a small channeling circle this morning. I was excited to channel with another, and had questions surrounding my worth and acceptance that my body is not the same as it was prior to having kids. But more importantly (as I felt I already knew the answer to this), I wanted to be completely open to whatever messages were meant to come through me today. I led us in meditation, and then we went into a channeled state.

Q: Alicia, do you feel ready to have your guide come through?

A: Yes.

Q: May I speak directly to the guide?

A: Yes. It is Medicine Woman.

Q: Hello Medicine Woman, and welcome. And so Alicia has been curious about her body and some habits with movement...what's going on there. I'm curious if you have anything to share with that process?

A: My message first, and then I will speak on that. That see the beauty in Mother Nature. All around you. This is for all. To see the beauty. To see the butterfly. And know that the butterfly did not come to be, other than in the right moment for itself. The butterfly came from the cocoon when it was ready. Just as the flower blooms when it is ready. And just as each of you, your souls, will bloom when you are ready.

When you are ready to take the next step and move on to the next journey, to the next path, to the next moment... For each step forward you take in your life you will bloom when the time is right; not on your time. But on the time of the Universe. On the time that it is right for your Soul. It all happens in its own time, and you just need to allow and trust that. Find joy. Find your joy. Dance barefoot in the ground. Take in the sights and the feelings and the smells. The breeze on your skin. Really feel what it's like to be human here at this time. Feel yourself fully as a human. And dance through these moments with joy in your heart. With trust in your Soul. With a knowingness that you are divinely guided on your path. And all is unfolding at the right time.

Q: Thank you Medicine Woman.

A: As far as Alicia and her questions surrounding exercise and movement, and how her body has changed... She has free will. Every thing is with purpose. Every experience that is laid out before her, or before you, before any individual, any human here... each experience is with purpose. There is lesson behind it. There is meaning behind it. There is opportunity for growth, for change, for moving through an experience.

As far as her, it's her process to full love and accept all of her Self. To know that the outside is simply an armor of her inside. It is not who she is. It is the vehicle she has chosen to move through this life in. And what I can say to her, is if she wishes to have a, mmm, more comfortable, if you will, ride through this life, then it would behoove her to take care of her vehicle in a way that gives her comfort. But in order to do so, she must accept her Self fully. To love her Self fully. It's another final layer and piece to her Self And when she's able to fully love her Self, then she will be able to step forward and move forward and find motivation as she speaks of, to give her Self a comfortable ride through life.

Q: Thank you Medicine Woman. Are there other things you would like to say to Alicia or anyone else?

A: Yes. This is for Alicia especially, and anyone can take from this if it resonates and touches you... And that is simply to feel each moment. Feel each moment and allow your Self the opportunity to move through the experience with joy. Knowing that each experience presented before you is for for your Highest good.

And this is for all of humanity...when you can begin to shift your perception and perspective on life and see that everything before you...every step you take, every is for your Highest good. The moment that you click this into place and understand this, you will dance through life. Life is not meant to be such a struggle as the human makes it. It happens and is because this way because the human is think the human is designed for this. This fight or flight, this protective mechanism, that fear is your protection from danger, when in reality, no. That's not...that's not the truth. Fear is what stops you. Fear is what holds you back. If you change the way that you see things, and this is possible, and every human here has this capability because THIS is your true way of being. This is your trueness. This is the way the human was designed to see each thing as an opportunity, as an experience, as a lesson to grow. You will dance through life. And this is how you are meant to.

So all of the feelings that come through you, all of the feelings that you have whether it be fear, or guilt, or judgement, or criticism, or worry, or doubt...yes, those are all meant to come through you, but those are not meant to catapult you, to root you, to hold you, to move you through this life. They're simply mean to be felt. And if you can see these as opportunity, you can dance through life. You will see it opposed to negative, it will become a positive in your world.

Get out and dance. Feel the sun. Feel the breeze. Feel the Earth between your toes. Allow your Self this experience of a human. In love.

Q: Thank you Medicine Woman. Is there anything more you'd like to convey...perhaps a way for Alicia to be reminded in her times of day to day life of these things? Or anything at all? Thank you.

A: Yes, she can listen and call upon her Higher Self. It's within Her. She has merged this part of her Self and she can always here the voice. And as long as she listens to this voice, as long as she feels, as long as she sees each moment as opportunity for her Highest good on this path, on this existence, on this Earth plane at this time, all will be well; she will be fully supported and this will help her.

And I must leave her with, again, because I mentioned this to her months ago and it has kind of drifted off in the background, but it is time for her to it's been stirring within her again, and she begins to question...but she will start getting information in regards to "Andromeda" (pronounced "An-dro-mee-tha"). And as I say it, I say it in the way that she is meant to here it. She sometimes questions and doubts because when she heard this the first time, and she expressed it to somebody, they corrected her. But this is the correct pronunciation, and she can feel confident and trust in this. And more information will begin to come to her, in regards to and surrounding this. And that is all I wish to say on this.

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