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Channeling - January 21, 2021 - "BE. We cannot emphasize this enough. You must BE."

From Medicine Woman

"For Alicia, and for all of you, to imagine holding sand in your hand. To feel the sand... To see the sand... and watch how quickly it slips away, and slips through your fingers.

This is life. That sand is representative of all the moments in your life. And when you are so busy looking outside of yourself...Searching for answers.... Searching. Wanting to make sense.... You are missing these moments.

I encourage you to look within. As all of the other guides have conveyed and told you to be still... To be still in the moment. To receive. To notice all that is around you. Just sit and look. There is so much beauty. So much peace. So much joy. And you miss this when you are looking too far ahead, or outside of this.

All that is happening.... All that you think that you see... All that you are trying to make sense of.... is an illusion. It is NOT real. This is what the human fails to realize. You want to explain everything. And by your need to explain everything, you miss what is right in front of you.

Come back to this.

Come back to this with joy.

With love.

With light.

That is how you are meant to dance through this life."


From Ashtar

"There are many timelines. And it is up to the YOU... to choose which one you take. Which path you go down.

As Medicine Woman said, and I want to reiterate... The truth is right in front of you.

You don't see...

You are too busy looking ahead to see what is happening.

So many are waiting for a big moment to happen.... For a big shift to occur, without realizing that the shift is already happening. It happens within you. Within each human.


By living your being.

You are already shifting.

There's not going to be this BIG moment.

It is already happening.

And what we are asking of you. What is important for each human to do right now...

Is to BE.

To live fully in their being.

Embody their being.


BE. We cannot emphasize this enough. You must BE."


Additional Messages from Higher Self...Transmitting through multiple guides.

Message to J

"The connection you are seeking has already been made. It has already been put forth."

I don't know how to speak what they're showing me.


There is somebody in between you and the person who will be helping you that you seek. Kind of like a bridge... There is somebody in your life now that will connect you to the person you are..."

I... I'm not sure how to put this in words.

"But...It's already happened. It's in place."

And...what can you do?


"To just be. Be open that it's happening and you don't need to go out seeking it. It''s there."


My guides have a message for me that they want to speak because they say I will forget this. I'm sorry.

"For Alicia we want her to know that she ASKED for this. For these challenges.

In regards to her work...her purpose...her BEing... She needed...She wanted in this lifetime to be faced with many obstacles and challenges in her way. Just part of her lesson is to overcome this. And all too often in the past, she gets very close, and then she stops.

For fear. For doubt. For the challenges become too great... and she feels this is a sign she is supposed to flow in a different direction.

But we want her to know...for here in this lifetime what she asked for is to push through this. This is a major part of her lesson."

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