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Channeling ~ May 12, 2021

Q: Alicia, do you have a being who wishes to speak today?

A: Dharma

Q: Dharma, welcome. Thank you for coming. Is it alright Alicia if I speak with Dharma directly?

A: Yes.

Q: Thank you. Dharma, I know Alicia values you. So thank you for being here. She is feeling a little bit disconnected recently, and has some speedbumps with her ex, *****. Is there any insight you wish to give on this?

A: Yes, and I'm asking her to step back out, because she is drawing herself in and just seeing what is directly in front of her. And she needs to move out again, and see the wider range and the wider scope of her life and her path and her purpose, and what she is experiencing because it is not that she is...her human self feels she is having speed bumps with him, but...that is not so. And, I don't like to give her too much specific direction, because is very important for her on her path and journey here to have free will. And to go within. And to trust herself connected with her Higher Self and living from a place of this. But as I come here today, what I want to share with her is that she is...mmm...what she struggled with in the past of creating balance within all aspects of life; spiritual, mental, physical... Keeping all of these in balance has always been...not always, but it has been a challenge for her. One usually takes precedence over the other, and she is wanting, and she is trying to create in her own life, a perfect balance of all. And...that's not what life is. Sometimes one take more precedence over another and that is ok. And so what she is experiencing now where she feels somewhat out of sorts is because she's implementing more from another pillar, if you will. And she feels this creates some imbalance, but it is not. This is just what happens as she moves through life, as anyone moves through life. You have stages and waves, and there are areas you need to focus on, and that take more precedence. And she is trying to create this perfect balance of what her human self feels she must have, and that is not what she needs to focus on. Just to pull herself back out, and to be present in the moment of the day. And doing what she needs to do and stepping forward from that path, and that place, connected to her Higher Self.

Q: Beautiful. Dharma, when she steps back, is there a focus that you want her to have or is there a part of life section that you want her to focus on more than another right now? What hints would you have for Alicia right now?

A: To not grasp. To not get caught up in the details. To just live from a place of her heart centered self. And she knows this already...she already knows. These are little speedbumps with him and its nothing for her to put her energy into. Allow it just to flow through and be, and to just step back and see the whole big picture. That there is so much unfolding behind the scenes in her personal life that she is not aware of and I want her to know that her light is reaching so many people. And other people are beginning to awaken to their light within. And it's growing brighter. And she doesn't see this on her human level because she still aquaits...her human self believes she will see this through financial means. And these are completely two separate things. Her being, her oneness, her self of standing in her light, and her truth, and her power, is spreading. It is affecting others. And that is really what her purpose is here on this Earth at this time...Is to allow others the free will to step into their own power, and she influences, she helps, she inspires others by doing it herself. The money, the financial aspect that she sometimes worries about is not related to this. She needs to understand that there is always abundance. And when she believes in her worth, and her Self, and her value, it will flow. But these are two separate.

Q: Thank you for that. I know Alicia mentioned she was wanting her money to flow more. Is there anything more specific to add...any wisdom for her?

A: Patience. Patience. And to not grasp. When she grasps, when she feels...when she feels it begin to dry, that she needs to not grasp, and just trust that it is ever flowing. That she will always be provided for, and what she desires, what she's working so hard for... when she is just BEing, healing in her every day moments. She needs to look at the bigger picture. She narrows in sometimes her focus, and as we tried to show her last week, with her guides, that...imagine the eagle flying overhead. It doesn't just swoop down the moment its sight is set on something. It takes its time. It has patience. And we are asking this of her, but of course she has free will. But patience will help her.

Q: Thank you Dharma. Thank you. Is there any other message for Alicia or anybody else that you feel you need to add today?

A: Yes, this is coming from Medicine Woman, and that is to, as I always say, ground into Nature because you will be...mmm...not so much you that are here today, but the world... the world will be facing challenges. And to some it may seem very desolate. And it is not so in the higher realm. It is so for them that are stuck, if you will... But this is a path and a choice that they asked for, and a choice they are making. Remember, please, you all...all of the beings here... have free will. And as you come to points in your future, near future, and this is faced...please understand that everyone has free will and a choice. And you cannot save everyone. It is not your job, nor your responsibility, to do that. Your responsibility is to yourself. To connect with your Higher Self. How you will move through this time with as much ease, is to plant your feet into the Earth, and feel Mother Nature around you. Feel the cycle that you will go through. And trust and know in your complete being that all is well. All is safe. All is as it should be. And just to love. Feel the sun. Spread love. Spread your joy. Spread your smile. What can you do to be of service? And just be. Allow your light to continue shining out. And remember that everyone has free will.

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