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December 17, 2020

L: For clarity...Alicia are you well? Are you able to speak? If you are alright, may I ask who wishes to speak through you today?

A: Lilith.

L: Lilith. Welcome. And may I please speak with Lilith directly?

A: Yes.

L: Lilith, welcome.

"Thank you."

L: You are welcome in this circle of women and spirits. May I ask you...please may you begin with an introduction. Who are you and what have you come to show Alicia?

"I come with Ashtar. And all of Alicia's guides are here. I have many messages. This is new for me. To...connect with the human. Alicia is helping me. And please...please bare with me as the words are difficult to put to the message."

L: We are here with you Lilith. And you are very much appreciated. We're here in support of you. Take time in forming your words. We have time. Are you able to describe to us the nature of who you are and how you came to be with Ashtar.

"We come from the same. We are light. We are here to help the human."

L: Thank you Lilith. And may I ask what is it that you are helping the humans to do?

"I have a message for all. For Jessie...You feel things very deeply. You are very connected to the other realms...the other side. All that you wish to see...want to there in front of you. Waiting. But not want to overwhelm you because you feel it so strongly...that we wanted to make it a gentle process. Process? Mmm... But it is available to you, and it is important for you to ground yourself. Because it will be like a floodgate opening. And you need to be grounded to receive all that is waiting for you.

Mmmm...Rose? You have done much work over the past three weeks. There's been much...mmm... there's been a release. And a charge. And an activation within you that has.... That has catapulted you...shifted you on to your purpose and path. And there are many many light beings around you...that you have not seen yet, but you can feel. That are...mmm...cheering you on. It's not the right word, but for you to understand, cheering you on. And just to keep going. They are very proud. I don't have the right words. But proud. The important message is that you have made a major shift. And you are walking down your purposeful path.

And for Holly...There is much doubt still within you. This is ok. Accept this. Nurture and...and love this part of you. But draw on the wisdom of your past lives. You've had many lives. And there is much wisdom there for you to draw on. And to take that wisdom into this life. And let it lead and guide you."

L: Lilith may I ask you a question?


L: What can you tell Alicia about locking in to her present energetic state, even in difficult circumstances where she may be personally triggered. What can she do?

"This is part of her life lesson here. Hmm...That she will be triggered and that is ok. not wallow? Mmm... To not wallow in this. That she will have these moments and that is ok. To accept it. To feel it. To see it in observation. And then to keep moving forward. She is forever changed. She has shifted. And these moments of triggers are just that. Just a moment. It's not sending her backwards. It's not taking her back to another place and time. It's just another moment for her to observe. And to learn. and to rise above. And to keep moving in light. To always tune in to her Self. Her...hmm...we are all here around her. But she is one of us. Her higher Self has always been guiding her. Always. and she knows this. And she hears this. And she hears the voice often. And in these moments...the voice will speak to her, and she just needs to trust it, and follow it. Because that is her Self speaking and letting her know how to move through this."

L: Lilith thank you. Are you able to stay with Alicia in the light of circle. Would that be alright?

"Yes, please."

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