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December 24, 2020 Channeling

L: Alicia, do you feel ready at this time to speak?

A: Yes.

L: Thank you for your willingness. Who wishes to speak through you today?

A: White Horse.

L: Do I have the name right, is it White Horse?

A: Yes.

L: Wonderful. White Horse you are welcome in our circle. We feel the energy of you. We feel your intention. Please be welcome. May I speak to you directly?

A: Yes.

L: I respectfully ask who are you and what are you here to tell Alicia?

"It is very important for her over these next three weeks to anchor into the Earth. To continually ground. To clear out old energy. To connect to the elements of nature.

For her and for will find answers in the elements around you.

In the wind. In the water. In the air. The fire. The Earth...

Connect to these. Feel them through you. Feel them through your body. We are all connected. You are connected to everything. Everything you see. Everything around you. The animals. The flowers.

Mother Earth holds for you the answers that you seek."

L: And connecting to nature in this way will give Alicia the grounding you are saying she will need?

"Yes. It's very important for her to ground. Especially right now."

L: She's going to make an extra effort to ground to nature now for how long? Do you think days, weeks months...?

" Over the next 3 weeks she needs to be very conscious of it."

L: Thank you White Horse. May I ask for Alicia's sake...who are you to her?

"I am one of her ancestors."

L: Are you a physical ancestor of her vessel? Or are you a spiritual ancestor...her soul...past life?

"I am both."

L: Ok. Thank you for that. And if you have another answer for these questions, it is absolutely ok. But for Alicia's sake, feel her...assume she grounds daily very well. She wishes to transfer her financial abundance to be in alignment with her health and her soul's purpose. What can you tell her that?

"That it will just take time. She does not ever give herself the time to see her ideas to fruition. She knows she is on the right path. And inside of her she can feel this. She knows this. And she trusts this. And she just needs to take the time to see it through."

L: If Alicia embraces patience, and grounding, and continues on with the different types of work that she is doing right what kind of amount of time...days, weeks, months, years... will she be fully in the work that she wishes to do?

"Three years."

L: Ok. White Horse, thank you. Do you have any final message for Alicia or the circle today?

"Yes. For her and for all of heed what I say with the elements. And to bring yourself into the present moment always. Notice what is around you. You will find answers in the little things."

L: That is wonderful. And we thank you for your message. For your presence.

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