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December 31, 2020 Channeling - White Horse

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Each week I participate in a small and sacred channeling circle with the wonderful Liana Xochitl Soria. I am so grateful for this safe and sacred space. To open. To allow. To be.

Q: Alicia, do you feel ready to speak?

A: Yes.

Q: Who wishes to speak through you today?

A: White Horse.

Q: White Horse, welcome. May I please speak to you directly?

A: Yes.

Q: White Horse, welcome. We are grateful for your presence. Thank you. As you come through Alicia please, will you allow your presence to burn away a layer of doubt? Is that possible?

A: Yes.

Q: Thank you. What do you wish to tell Alicia today?

A: I first have a message for ******. Being there would not change the course. It would not change the path. Your dad can feel you in spirit and in heart. He knows you are with him, even if you are not physically there. Do not hold any guilt or fear. He can feel you.

Q: White Horse, thank you. If you could have complete freedom. Please tell Alicia and anyone else what you wish to convey.

A: For Alicia, her strengths lie in the elements. She can feel them run through her body, her blood. It is a part of her and this is where her strengths lie. She can rely on this. She can rely on her Self in this. She can trust this.

A message from one of her other guides to her is that he helped her get started on her path and she is right where she needs to be. She needs to continue to walk on this path on her own, with us behind her. And to trust and call upon her Higher Self. Not to look outside of her Self. She can, and she will.

Q: White Horse, can you please tell her, or can your collective of guides tell her how often, and how do you want her to connect to her Higher Self?

A: Throughout the day. All day, every day. She hears and sees often. And it is the first calling of her Self. The first... The first idea. The first thought. This is her true Self. This is her Higher Self. This is what God gave her to know the path she must walk. She can do this in the little things. She already is doing it, but she sometimes doubts. That first voice is the voice. And all she needs to do is to listen.

Q: White Horse, if she does this every day, what will happen to her if she consciously does this every day...what will happen?

A: She will walk clearer on her path. She doubts herself because she hears the voice, and when she follows, she doesn't always's not always obvious what she has avoided, or the ripple effect of what she has created by doing this. So this is where her doubt comes from. She will not always see the outside forces. She just needs to trust and listen to the voice within that is guiding her. And I am telling her it is helping her to walk her path.

Q: White Horse, last thing. Please remind her on a day when she forgets. We forget because we are human. What is your sensation? Something unmistakable in her physical that she can receive from you that is a reminder?

A: She won't receive it from me. She will receive it from her Self. From her Higher Self. All of us that are helping her, working with her...we are here to just guide and support and uplift. She needs to feel her Self. And she will feel it in her heart. She will feel it throughout her body. She will hear it. She will know this and she needs to just trust.

Q: Ok. And she knows this sensation? It is unmistakable, is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: Thank you. White Horse, any final message?

A: I send love and healing to all of you. You are all doing wonderful work. Trust yourselves. Follow your path. Know you're on your right path. Go within. So Be.

Q: White Horse, thank you.

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