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February 11, 2021 -Channeling - Dharma

When I drifted off into a trance like state for channeling circle today, immediately this beautiful guide came in. She kept repeating her name to me in 3s...."Dharm, Dharma, Dharma. 3." She kept repeating this again and again. As usual, I didn't remember what all transpired upon coming out of my channeled state...I just remember the feeling I have. But the repeating of her name three times stuck with me very clearly. Thank you Liana Xochitl Soria for creating this space for us.

Q: Alicia, do you feel ready to speak yet?

A: I do.

Q: Wonderful. And who wishes to speak today?

A: Dharma...

Q: Dharma. And may I speak with Dharma directly please?

A: Yes.

Q: Thank you for that. Now Dharma, Alicia's guide for today. You are welcome. And may I respectfully ask, is it ok if I ask questions at this time?

A: Yes.

Q: Thank you for that. And as you speak through Alicia, I would like for you to feel free. What message do you have today?

A: The number three has much significance for her. When she sees this number, it is me who is communicating with her. I am an aspect of her Self. From a different time, a different dimension, living in another realm in the Heavens. I am a part of her. I AM her. I communicate with her through the number 3.

She has shifted her timeline here on Earth. So when she finds herself now, struggling with alignment, or feeling that the path she is walking on does not feel right she can feel it stronger, she can feel it clearer. And as she knows, she needs to just trust this. And not stay in it.

Not grasp at it.

These feelings. These thoughts...shake off of her easier now. She can live in her purpose and her Light, in her joy. And she can feel it run through her entire body of what feels right.

What aligns with her Soul.

What aligns with the spark of joy.

And she can let the other things...just fall off.

Sometimes she still feels like she needs to, or should, in order to generate income... But this is not so. And she knows this. She feels this... because of the shift in her timelines, it's much clearer for her. And these feelings, these thoughts, these ideas of the shoulds, will just fall away.

She can sit back more, and flow. And allow it to come. She can trust it is already coming. And anything that does not feel fully aligned with her body, to let go.

Q: Thank you for that. May I ask you for Alicia's sake, what should she do, when she's feeling her Human Self, unable to be at ease...Can she call you?

A: Mmmm...She needs to call on her Higher Self. I am here and around her. Reminding, supporting, with her other guides. But her Higher Self...which resides within her, is really WHO will lead her.

Q: Very good. Thank you for all of that. And is Alicia aware of the 3's you are using to communicate with her?

A: Yes. She knows of this number. She did not know it was me. But this has always been a significant number to her.

Q: Good. Is it accurate for us to call you her parallel lifetime?

A: Mmm...Ah, yes.

Q: If she wants more, can she journey to you and experience your incarnation as well?

A: Yes.

Q: Mmm. Thank you. See us in circle. See Alicia. Do you, Dharma, have any final message today?

A: For all...Just to send all of you love. And know this is just one aspect of your Self. When you find yourself in struggle. Uknowingness. It's all just a moment in time. It's not meant for so much struggle. This is your Human Self that adds that layer to your life here.

You may all call on your Higher Self. Know that you have many guides....angels...light beings around you. Supporting, uplifting, guiding you. But your Higher Self...that resides within your heart space is here always to guide you in this life. And to flow. And all will be well.

Q: It feel very very well. And thank you for your presence today. Thank you Dharma. Thank you Alicia for bringing.

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