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February 18, 2021 Channeling - Medicine Woman - "Laugh"

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

My Medicine Woman is a beautiful and wise old spirit that comes to me often. The first time she came in she was wild and loud and free. She was barefoot and connected to the Earth. She was completely wild and free. She was eager to talk with me. She has a natural joy to her. And I find myself gravitating towards her often for Motherly advice. She always reminds me to not take this life so seriously. To dance. To find the joy. To Laugh.

Thank you Liana Xochitl Soria for creating this space for her to speak freely.

L: Alicia, do you feel ready to speak today?

A: Yes.

L: Wonderful. And may I ask as you tap in...who wishes to speak through you today?

A: My Medicine Woman.

L: Is it alright with you if I speak with Medicine Woman directly?

A: Yes.

L: Thank you for that. And Medicine Woman, you are welcome. We make way for you with love, with gratitude... And you may speak freely. What message do you bring to us today?

A: Thank you Dear Child. For all, for the collective... Many right now are asking and wondering about weight. And I want you to imagine a tree. A tree is rooted and thick and strong. Much is changing quickly, rapidly, swirling around you. Things are shifting very, very fast. You are connected to the Heavens. But you need to be rooted through this time. And this is what helps to root. And to ground you. And to hold you steady and strong through all of the shift.

It's not to be feared. It's not something to worry. It is temporary. It is by design. It is to help you through.

When you find yourself starting to question...or wondering....wanting to know why.... remember the tree. Remember the tree, and this will help you.

And also for you to... (giggles)... stop questioning.

It is ok to question, but the Human Self questions too much. Always wanting to explain. Always wanting an answer. This is your logical Human Mind, your Human Self.

It may give you a temporary answer that satisfies you for the moment. But the true answers. The truth lies when you connect inside of your Self, with your Higher Self. To merge these and live as One. Then the answers will come naturally, automatically...It will be a continuous flow of receiving, of KNOWINGness. And this is how you must, how you will, walk through and live through this life. This will help ease that Human part of yourself. You won't question in the same way, because you will already know.

L: Medicine Woman, thank you for that beautiful information. Please feel free. If there is any more you wish to say to Alicia, or to any of us. Please feel free.

A: Yes, to Alicia, we want her to know, we want to acknowledge her Human Self. She has completely shifted her timeline. And she feels this, and she understands this, and she trusts this, and she knows this. And she is living from a place of her Higher Self now. She has integrated her Higher Self in her. And she is living, and moving forward on her path in this. And we want her to continue to do this and help others to see.

Everyone has the power within them. EVERY human here on this Earth....has this power within them. To shift. To change. to live a different reality.

Ah, you can dance through life. You can find the joy. You can dance when you are connected to your Higher Self. All of the answers will come.

We are pleased with Alicia. We show her love. She is on her path. We've been planting the seed in regards to her work that we want her to move forward in. She is sensing this. She knows this. She hears this. And she is heeding this call.

With Womb Healing.

She can trust and move forward in this direction. It is a positive direction for her to move in.

And we also want to leave her, and plant the seed in her heart...of Andromeda (pronounced: An-dro-ME-duh). She doesn't yet know what this means. But we are planting the seed in her heart. In time she will...she will know.

And for all of you...try not to attach. Much more will be coming through the collective, the humans, through...all around you. Much, much more will be coming. It's important to root and ground. To be like the tree. Rooted. Grounded and strong. But be able to sway and flow your branches with the changes.

It is not meant to be a struggle. You can dance through this.

L: Medicine Woman. We have much love and gratitude for you. For your messages today. Thank you very much.

A: I must say one more please?

L: Of course.

A: Laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Find this. All day...throughout the day. Find moments to laugh. This is what is missing so much. Just laugh. That is all. Much love.

L: Much love. Thank you Medicine Woman. And thank you Alicia.

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