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February 4, 2021 - Channeling - That's my message?!?!

Many messages for others came through for channeling this day. Names have been kept hidden to respect privacy.

What is so funny about this... I listened to the play back right after because I didn't have the warm, fuzzy, emotional feeling I usually do. And I remember hearing it for the first time, thinking, "That's my message?!?!"

I didn't like it. I was hoping for something more profound like my previous week's channeling (read more was LIFE changing!).

But...I decided to heed the advice of my Higher Self, because I have been shown again and again that I need to trust this. Well, sure enough, as I now am transcribing this 3.5 weeks later. My finances have been TIGHT.

My ex returned after an 11 month deployment... so childcare decreased.

I lost the majority of my food...I'm a whole food plant based vegan, so have always bought in bulk. I had tons of different grains, beans, legumes, etc. stocked in my pantry. Thanks to pantry moths, I had to toss all of it. 🤢

My stand up, garage freezer (which was filled with whole food mini meals, fruits and veggies, etc.) stopped working. I lost a ton of food.

I teach classes each week, and payment is usually due up front. However, many have yet to pay me...even after multiple reminders. 😔

I cancelled some of my usual monthly events until things were a bit more settled...which was lost income.

This happened all at once.... Right after this message. And looking back on it, I can't help but laugh. 🤷‍♀️🤣

Was it the message I wanted?


But how appropriate and thank goodness for it so I am able to laugh and flow through. I know it's only temporary. It's not permanent. It's not forever. Just a moment in time where I need to be very, very, very tight.

Thank you Liana Xochitl Soria for holding this space and facilitating this sacred circle we share each week. I am incredibly grateful, even if I don't enjoy my message in the initial after moment. 🤣


Q: May I ask as you perceive your guide or guides around you, who wishes to speak today?

A: I believe just my Higher Self.

Q: Alicia's Higher Self, may I please speak to you directly?

A: Yes.

Q: Thank you for that. Thank you for coming in. May I ask as you speak through Alicia today, what is your purpose in coming in through Alicia?

A: I first have a message for *****. There is a white, glowing, angelic being that is around her and she's around ***** and wants to go in *****'s heart space. If that is ok?

Q: Is this *****'s guide or a part of her?

A: I'm not quite sure. The message that comes with her is for ***** there's sadness. And to allow herself to feel this fully and completely. This is part of her healing that she needs to release and there's...they are asking, or suggesting, that she create a ceremony for her Self, with her Self, to help release and...just some sort of ceremony with her Self to release and I'm not sure what else.

Q: Wonderful. Thank you. We will look into it and we will help *****. That is a wonderful message, thank you.

A: And also for +++++, with her Grandmother, and I don't quite understand all of this... They're...I'm just getting fragments. They're asking...or I guess I'm asking the question of them if there was something that she didn't complete in her life? There's maybe regret, or she didn't fully stand in her truth or live her full purpose, or something that she didn't complete maybe? Or hasn't completed that she wanted to? And she's coming to YOU, because you are at a similar crossroads to...mmm...somewhere you're at a crossroads and that you have this choice and that she's encouraging you to fully...I'm not quite sure. But there's a crossroads and she's trying to encourage you to live out fully your destiny? Purpose? She wants your heart to be happy.

Q: Thank you. We feel the truth in what you are speaking. Alicia's Higher Self, you are free if you would like to continue?

A: For those that wish to see more...Specifically showing me @@@@@@ and $$$$$... That things will begin to come in, in just a pop of something that you will see, might be a plant, it might be a color...You will start being shown images just in flashes, and to surround these images with love and gratitude and appreciation, and in doing so will open the door for more to come.

And for Alicia.... It is very important for her right now. There are going to be constrictions with money. And not for her to fear this. It is very important for her to be very, very, very tight and strict with her budget, and where the money goes right now. This is just a phase. It's not going to cause harm. But it will be a phase she goes through as part of her lesson so that she continues to step forward in her work, in her Purpose, her Light, her Being. And not give up on her Self. She needs to cross this bridge to get to the other side of abundance and flow. This is part of her life lessons that she has asked for to be seen, to work through, and to be shown. And she has shifted and is in a point now where she can flow through these times. Dance through these times. All will be well. This is not a setback.

Q: Thank you for letting her know that, and that there's a good reason for it and that it's temporary. May I ask for Alicia's sake that you accelerate her to the greatest amount possible so that it's as brief as possible while she receives her lesson completely. Would that be alright?

A: Yes. It will be very brief. It's not going to be long and it's not going to cause her to.... There's no need to worry. It's just going to be tighter for a little while, and this is to help her to seek out and prepare for the life that she has been working to achieve.

Q: Ok. Good reason for it then. Thank you. Welcome as always. Alicia's Higher Self, is there anything else that you wish to say today?

A: Yes, and this message is coming from White Horse and Medicine Woman....

To be outside more in nature. To stand barefoot in the grass, in the dirt, in the soil, in the Earth. And imagine roots growing from your feet. Earth flows through you. Always. This is part of you. This is what anchors all the turmoil swirls around outside of you. This will help you stand strong and steady amidst the tornado of chaos that the world will be experiencing.

Q: Thank you for helping. Thank you for helping Alicia. Thank you for helping all of us.

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