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January 14, 2021 Channeling

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I have a few that have come through...

The Consciousness of Love

Earth Goddess/Mother Gaia

And Medicine Woman are all merging with my higher self.

For Alicia....

"We want her to know that we are surrounding her and uplifting her with love. And that which she already knows but she needs to be reminded...that the love comes from within. It is in her heart space, as it is with all of yours.

This is for all of you to imagine and know.

This resides in your heart space. It is your guiding light. It is love that emanates through all parts of your body, and flows outward into the world."

L: Can you look at Alicia's work and bless it and give her guidance so it comes in with abundance more quickly?

"Yes. And what she needs to know....Is that she needs to go within, and allow THIS...what's inside of her...from all the collectives of her past lives and past experiences...everything that resides within...

Her knowingness

Her beingness

This is what she is meant to share and give the world.

Just by doing this. By tapping into this source, this channel, this energy...she will be living her true self. Her purpose.

And all will flow.

She doesn't need to seek outside of this. She doesn't need to grasp for...what she THINKS she is supposed to do.

She just needs to let it flow from within, and that is enough."

L: So the flow of love you were describing was in response to her asking about her work?


L: For her human self...when she listens to this later and goes over it in her mind, what action can she take in the physical to help her be more fully aligned, so that she is fully flowing with this timeline with this flow you have given her?

"She just needs to tap into her self. Because THAT is where her answers will lie. The motivation to put forth the work she wants to do...she needs to rearrange how she sees it. And to truly just be living, by serving, by offering her gifts... it will create the flow."

L: Thank you. May we also ask that you look at her girls...are her children well? Is there anything more that she can be doing as a mother that they need?

"No...they are happy. She needs to embody and live from her heart space. As with everything we've said. Just living from her heart space. It will pour out. Her gifts will shine. She will embody her self. Her true self. And what she is meant to do...and the love will flow. Everything will flow... And her daughters will see this and be able to embody it within themselves as well."

L: Thank you. What a beautiful message. Do you have anything more for us here, for Alicia...?

"Yes. For all of you humans.... with love....

There seem to be so many that are still missing this. Missing the point of this existence. This experience.

The human gets caught up in the details. The details. The details are NOT important.

Go back to this space that we have created within each of your hearts. Connect to this. You will feel and see it grow. It will flow through you and pour out.

This is what is needed here. On this earth plane. On this is existence. In this realm.

And so many seem to be missing this point.

It's not in the details."

L: Thank you. Thank you very much truly.

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