January 28, 2021 Channeling - My Higher Self

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Every week we channel, led by the beautiful soul, Liana Xochitl Soria. It's sacred. It's safe. It's healing. It's incredibly powerful. I went through a LOT in 2019/2020. I don't remember what is said during the channeling...I am only left with a feeling. I go back later and listen...to register it in my Conscious and Human level. This circle had left me extremely overwhelmed and emotional...in a positive way. Going back through, I understood why. I changed the course of my life.

So grateful for this space.

Q: Alicia, do you feel ready to speak?

A: I do.

Q: Wonderful. And who wishes to come today?

A: My Higher Self.

Q: And is it alright if I speak with your Higher Self directly?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: Thank you for that. It is appreciated. Alicia's Higher Self, please come into her body very fully so that there's no mistaking. She feels your presence fully, and may your presence heal her body and mind and emotions. And as you come through more and more clearly, may I ask...what do you want Alicia to call you and what do you want to tell her today?

A: I first have a message for ****.

Right now, her Higher Self.... Her Light Body.... Is separate from her Human Self. And this is causing some of the fear, and the feeling of not being safe. And merging these...drawing these together can, connecting these, and realizing...not just realizing, but living this as ONE, will help you to feel safe. And they are asking if you can take 5 - 10 minutes every evening when you are going to sleep, when you are lying in your bed going to sleep...and to connect with your guides, with your Higher Self. In this time, right before you drift off to sleep...to have the conversations, and allow...allow that to seep over into your sleep, and just doing that little bit will help with your connection and bringing everything together in one.

Q: Thank you for that. That's very good. And thank you for the observation. Alicia's Higher Self...do you have a name for her to call you by that would be appropriate for today?

A: Just to call ME. I am her.

Q: Much appreciated. And your message for Alicia today...What do you want to tell her?

A: We've been showing her moments of her past lives, and all of the moments of this life that have been leading up to these moments where she is now. Everything from past lives and this life has prepared her, has helped her. Has taught her something. To be handling the major obstacles she's asked for in this lifetime to overcome. They have been building blocks for her. And she's applying them.

She's finally seeing and understanding how intertwined, and woven together all of these experiences throughout the many lives are. She has changed...

(Break down of uncontrollably sobbing....)

She has changed the trajectory of this life for herself and her girls.

She would have been faced...She would have been faced with the same lessons. They would have kept repeating. There were two major lessons for her to learn. (She has many lessons.). There were two major lessons...that all of her previous lives have been preparing her for and helping her. And she has finally taken notice and applied them. And by doing so, this has changed the trajectory for her.

Q: Thank you for showing her that. And thank you for showing us what's possible. So very well done. So very powerful. Thank you for the inspiration. May I ask if Alicia keeps on just as she is now, she will continue to receive huge benefit like what you are describing now, yes?

A: Yes. It's...Well...She's going to have moments. She's going to have these moments sneak in for her Human Self. That's just natural. But we want her to remember and see this as though she has been climbing a big hill, and she has reached the top, the hardest part. This symbolizes her biggest...the two biggest lessons she needed to apply her lessons and learning. So they will continue to sneak up because it is part of her life and purpose and path, but it's not...she's already shifted. She's shifted the trajectory. And now what comes forth, whatever comes forth, are just little bumps that she CAN, with her choosing, sail over smoothly.

She is overwhelmed. All of her guides...they're all here. Touching her. Letting her know that they are proud of her. But also with this, we want her to know that...they, we...are always proud. No matter what. It's...It's what she tells her girls. Nothing that you DO, can change this love. Nothing will change this love. And to know and accept and realize this internally within her Self. That she can now begin to feel proud inside of her Self. In her heart space.

Q: Beautifully done. Thank you. And we feel you, and we are inspired. Thank you for showing us what was happening there, and what's possible. Thank you.

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