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January 7, 2021 Channeling

L: Alicia, are you feeling well and able to speak?

A: Yes.

L: Wonderful. And who comes forward? Who wishes to speak?

A: It's first my higher self that wishes to speak.

L: And may I speak to your higher self directly?

A: Yes.

L: Thank you. And Alicia's higher self, welcome. We welcome you with gratitude. What is it that you wish to say to Alicia today?

"I wish to remind her and all of you that this is just a scene. To become more of an observer in this life. To watch and see things unfold and understand that and know that it is not truth. The truth resides within you. Within your being.

To remember to play. To dance through this life. To not take it as seriously...although that may be hard on the ego level. To not take it as seriously as it often feels.

You came here and chose to be here for the experience.

You wanted this.

You knew that you were strong enough for this. And know this is just one scene.

Observe it. But don't attach to it."

L: Thank you for that. Now for Alicia's sake, she wanted deeper comfort in navigating...would she do that by bringing you in? Would that work?


L: And to be clear, that would work for all of us here, yes?

"Yes. The higher self is within all of you. Everyone's higher self is within you. In your heart space. Within your body. We're always there just waiting to be called upon. Waiting for you to hear us.

We are you."

L: Alicia's higher have all of her lifetimes, including this one. Alicia had a question of the source of her expectation of perfection in her self. Where does that come from?

"It comes from her childhood here with her mother." L: Now she would like greater freedom. She would like release from expectation from perfection. What can you tell her about how to do that?

"This is part of what she signed up for. What she wanted to learn. She's close to being ready to release it. She has a few more things to see first. She has a couple more experiences that need to be shown to her to be able to release this."

L: Ok. Do you feel like it will be within a year?

"It is up to her free will but yes, I think so. She is ready. She is seeing it. It's been coming to light more for her. She sees this...or feels this as her shadow self. She sees it as darkness. And I want to let her know it is not so. It is not so. It is not a bad thing. It's not dark. But she has feared it, because she did not understand it or what it was here to teach her. And it has been...being shown to her. And she is close and ready to release it."

L: Thank you for that. Can you help her to release all fear associated with it? Would that be ok?


L: Thank you for that. And Alicia's higher self. Do you have any more messages today?

"Yes. But this is coming more from White Horse, and he is merging with me to remind you all to continue to ground and be in nature. And draw from the elements. Especially right now. This will help you navigate the times that you are experiencing. The times that are yet to come. It is going to be a lot. It is going to be a lot for the human to handle.

And you must, must must ground, and draw upon the earthly elements.

It's going to be ok. Everything will be fine. But it's going to be a lot coming at and through you.

Remember who you are.

Remember your light being.

Remember your Self.

Remember you chose this.

Remember to observe and not attach.

Remember to flow with ALL of the events that are going to be taking place.

And what you see one day...please understand it is not truth.

Things are going to be changing rapidly from day to day. And your truth is what resides within you.

It is your Self.

It is your Light.

It is outside this earthly realm.

Please remember this. Please remember to observe and not attach."

L: Thank you Alicia. Thank you White Horse.

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