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March 29, 2021 - Be YOU fully

I am so blessed to be able to hold circle with my beautiful soul sisters and create this safe and sacred space to channel. I was honored to lead circle, and my dear friend stepped in to ask questions for me. My Medicine Woman and Dharma came in during this session to speak through me.

Medicine Woman is wild and free. She cackles. Her hair is down. She is always barefoot. She dances in the wind. She is utterly and completely full and free, and I love her energy and spirit. She is a mother spirit. Nurturing. Loving. Loud. Wild. She is one that holds the hands of all the children and encourages the wildness within each.

Dharma is my future Self that comes in. She is very strong, self-assured, and peaceful. She moves through with ease, and a very calming strength. She is very direct, yet speaks with love in a no nonsense sort of way. She is encouraging, and always encourages the connection within go within.

Q: Alicia do you have someone there who wishes to speak?

A: I have two. I have Medicine Woman and Dharma.

Q: Welcome Medicine Woman and Dharma. May I speak with you directly?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there one who wishes to speak first.

A: Yes, it is me, Medicine Woman who wishes to speak first.

Q: Welcome Medicine Woman. Thank you for coming. What message do you have for Alicia today?

A: This is a message for all. And that is as I say allll the time I come. To dance. It is what you all know. What has been said here already. To flow with life. Get outside in nature. Plant your feet firmly into the earth. Feel the dirt between your toes, underneath your feet. Feel all of it. And just dance. Feel the sun shining on your face. Notice the movement of the trees, the sounds that the branches make in the breeze. See the birds flying. Hear them. Hear them sing.

Notice all of nature around you. And notice how nature does not stop. Nature does not stop being itself. Nature does not hide itself. It just is.

It goes about the day. In peace. In harmony. In joy. And in flow. Breathe all of this when you are out there. Feel it in to your pores. Into each part of your body. Into each part of you. And to each part of your soul. Find YOUR joy. Find your joy. And move through life with this. Feel this. Let it radiate out through you. Dance. Laugh. Be free. With love my dear children. With love.

Q: That is so beautiful Medicine Woman. Thank you for that message. And I know on Alicia's heart was attracting people to work with who she can dance and feel free and flow with. Is there any wisdom you can add that will help Alicia through this?

A: Yes, and it is from me, Dharma.

Q: Thank you Dharma.

A: For Alicia, she, as I have been telling her, and other guides have been showing her, she is at a point in her life...all of you really are at a point in your life, where you create your reality. You choose what you want to experience. What you want to see. What you want to be doing.

And if you can remember this in each moment, that you are always...I say 'in control' and control in a way for your human mind to understand, but not to take so literally... You are in control of your reality. You choose.

So for Alicia what she wants to attract, what she wants to bring's just her getting very clear with who she is, her intention, and with what she wants her experience to be. And there is nothing wrong with choosing an experience that brings you joy. There is no judgement. You are not here on this earth... Nobody is here on this earth... to help everybody.

You are here on this Earth at this time to be YOU fully. To fully merge with your Higher Self. To go inward and listen to this voice that speaks through you. To merge this fully as ONE. And to fully live in your BE-ing. In your state of being. When you do this, you create your reality, and you're meant to create your reality.

You are meant to create your reality.

And your experience. And it is ok what you call towards you.

By being YOU. By living YOU. By doing this, those that are meant to learn from you. Those that are meant to be around you in your life in whatever way, will come. And those that are not meant to be learning from you, will not. And all is ok.

Q: That's beautiful Dharma, thank you. And that clarifies a lot. We appreciate that. Another thing on Alicia's mind is the technical issues that keep coming up. Is it possible that wither one of you would like to speak on that and give some clarification as to what would help this flow easier?

A: Well I don't know that we can make it flow easier for her. But what I can offer and say is that she's calling this in to her life. She does not like technology. And she has said this for many, many years.'s not a negative, but she is bringing that energy forward. She is bringing that energy into her life. So again, it is up to her, it's her reality. What she chooses to see. What she chooses to experience.

It all comes back to creating within her Self...what does she want. And that is all I must say and I just hope she can laugh with this just is.

Q: Would you like to give her any helpful hints on being friends with technology, or would you like to leave it at that?

A: I will leave with for her to be clear. What does she want? She does not need technology if she truly chooses to not have that. But she's not clear. And that's all I can say for her.

Q: Thank you for that clarification. That's very helpful. That's very wise. I feel your wisdom. Thank you Dharma. Thank you Medicine Woman.

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