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Quieting the noise, and coming back home to me.

For a long time I have missed writing. It's always been a creative outlet, way of expressing and releasing my inner most thoughts, and a safe space for me to just let go.

But life has been so busy, and creating the time to sit down and just write???

As a single mom, juggling being a present mother to my daughters & helping them navigate relationships and life, homeschooling, running two separate businesses, and holding space for countless people...there's very little time left over for me.

It's a constant rebalancing to maintain all that I am, all that I do, and all that I want to do, while staying grounded, centered, and whole.

Recently this was tested, as it always seems to be when I'm embarking on an up leveling of my soul. I had begun to feel overwhelmed, and stretched way too thin. It was causing me to feel anger, resentment, and exhaustion. I had to hit pause and look at all the places I was giving my energy away to.

And this is the hard part...

What relationships were draining me?

What relationships were not filling me?

What work am I doing that isn't serving me anymore?

What can I let go of in order to make space for what calls my heart?

What is my Why???

These questions pulled me out of bed in the middle of the night, begging to be answered and not put off any longer.

And life is funny like that.... everything works in Divine Timing... and I know that when it calls me in this way, it's time to reflect and move through the space. Regardless if it's 2 o'clock in the morning.

It can sometimes be difficult, especially when people pleasing and "maintaining the peace" is your trauma tendency.

You cannot live your soul purpose and expand if you are refusing to let go of all the things that drain your energy and no longer serve you.

It's a deep part of my work and mission here on this Earth.... to guide others back home to themselves...

To quiet the outside noise...

And hear the inner whisperings of your soul calling.

Sometimes we need big moments to shake us up and guide us back. But sometimes, when we are so in tune with that inner guidance and direct connection to Great Spirit, we can move confidently on our path with full trust and understanding.

As we welcome this full moon in Virgo, allow it to be a beacon of light to illuminate the light within you; to reflect, reassess, and grow.

Guided Full Moon Exercise

I encourage you to take a quiet moment to yourself. Grab a candle, a pen, and notebook.... Light your candle with this prayer (or one that calls you):

"As this light burns, I am reminded of the inner spark that burns within me, and I remember my hearts calling now."

Then spend some time reflecting on these questions:

What relationships are draining you more than they are fulfilling you?

Where are you giving your energy away?

Is there any area of your life that you are not able to speak your truth? Why not?

What is ready to move out of you life in order to make room for your hearts calling?

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