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"Trust in Your Gifts" - Channeled Message - May 17, 2021

Updated: May 24, 2021

Q: Alicia, do you feel ready to speak through your guides, where you feel your guide's presence there?

A: I do.

Q: If you haven't done so already, merging with your guide to what's comfortable. Do I have permission to speak directly to the guide?

A: Yes.

Q: And who is this guide?

A: My Higher Self.

Q: Your Higher Self... Welcome Higher Self of Alicia. Alicia has some questions today. Questions about what she is experiencing, and she is open to any communication that wants to come through. Thank you.

A: We are showing her this light. This light of red, orange, yellow. And this light is being beamed on, and into her to help ease and heal her. For all she needs to do right now is allow, and allow this light. And what I wish to say to her is that everything is manifesting rapidly. Everything is manifesting rapidly here on Earth at this time, and so what she is seeing is her thoughts in action. Every thought is manifesting itself in front of her like a play. And as we've been sharing with her, and talking with her, she needs to be very aware of her thoughts. Very aware and clear in what she wants.

Q: Thank you. Is there more Higher Self of Alicia? Is there someone else there?

A: There's more I have to say. What we've been trying to tell her, and what she knows deep down in her core in her soul... is that she is the creator of her reality. Just as each of you. Just as each of humanity is the creator of their own reality. And yes, you are a collective, however, all you have control over is you. Your experience. Your thoughts put into action. You want and wish for the collective to shift, but it will not shift if you keep focusing...this is not so much for her, but for all... If you keep focusing your attention on the things you don't want; on the things you don't want to see, on the things you don't want to happen...if this is where you put your attention, that is what will keep manifesting. In order to rise above this and to move past this, you need to stand firmly in your truth. In your Being. In your knowingness. In your light. And live from a place of this with full and complete trust in the Universe. Only then will it shift for all.

Q: Thank you Higher Self of Alicia. Is there anything more you'd like to share with her or with us?

A: For Alicia, and she knows this deep down in her soul, but I must say to her...not to worry. Not to stress. Keep showing up. Keep stepping forward. She needs to heal. She needs to expand her gifts, and focus more on healing others. She tries to busy herself, or create, create, create...and she doesn't need to be...she enjoys it, so it's worthwhile in that sense, however, the cause of her struggles in the moment, is because she's not truly doing what her Soul desires.

Q: And may we ask, Higher Self, for more details, on what it is Alicia's Soul desires?

A: She has the knowledge, she has the background, she has the gift and experience from many lifetimes. She worries that information she is giving, or receives, that if she were to pass this on to another, that it would be wrong? Or that they might perceive it in a different way than it is meant.

She needs to trust this psychic ability. This ability to see. It is a gift of hers. And she need not question it. She needs to...mmm, I don't like to say need. She doesn't need to. What she craves, what will align with her Soul, is to do more one-on-one healings. She struggles because she doesn't know what to call this. Because each person would be different. There's not a category that can define, and she needs to trust that his is ok. She can be present with each person and see what needs to come forth, and go from that place.

Q: Thank you Higher Self, for this beautiful and important message for Alicia. If it feels good for you to stay present, please do so.

A: I have a message for *******. For *******'s daughter and for *******. For ******* to understand that her daughter needs to go through these experiences of sadness. Of feeling the human emotion. Because this is what will help her to move through life. To rise up as you might like to say. That she needs to feel these things. It's part of her growth. Her evolution. As a Soul. And for you as a Mother, a human self here on this Earth, that can be difficult to allow your child to fully feel, and to experience. And if you choose, what will help her is just to be there fully in support, in love, and allowance of these emotions to run through. Whatever they may be. Whether they be anger, hatred, sadness...all of this is ok. She will not stay in this place, but she needs to feel it for her soul to move forward and through.

For ******, they just keep saying to 'look within, look within'. Your anxiousness that you are are manifesting this in your outer reality. They just keep saying to 'look within, look within', And when you can discover and pinpoint where this is coming from, ('where is it coming from?'). It's coming from childhood. They're showing me it's not past life. There may be some, but that it's more from childhood. Childhood of not having control of situations. Feeling so out of control and seeing the despair, the destruction, that it caused, that you were not ever responsible for any actions or anything that have occurred, or did occur. But it comes from this feeling of not being in control as a child. To look at this. And this healing this part of yourself will change what you are seeing in your outer reality world.

For *****, they are kind of laughing and rejoicing with you; Your Higher-ness. Don't worry. You will finish. You're not in that same place. It's all in Divine Timing and you need to rest for...for partly to show yourself that you can take this break and still complete and see that the process will come to fruition. And that it doesn't have to be pedal to the medal...all the way, all the time. And something will be coming through, and that's ok, But it will happen and it's celebratory, and good.

And that is all, thank you.


If you would like a healing session, or have questions and would like a channeled reading, please feel free to contact Alicia Love.

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