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Loved and Lit Intentional Candles is a side business that I have poured my heart and soul into; combining all of my knowledge and favorite things into one very intentional and purposeful package. 


Each candle is hand poured with 100% soy wax that is sourced locally in the USA. The wax is sustainable, renewable and ethically produced.

Each candle holds a very specific intention, and to further increase the power of that intention, specific organic herbs, flowers, essential oils, and crystals are used. Crystals are retuned to hold their most potent frequency, and each finished candle is infused with energy, love, and sound vibration.


Crystals are hidden on the very bottom so they remain throughout the burning. Once you have burned through your candle (which has an average of 25 hours burn time), you will be able to remove your crystal. Please handle with care.


You may remove any leftover wax and reuse your container to hold crystals, coins, or anything you wish.  


Each candle also holds very specific affirmations to even further solidify the intention. At the start of each burn, you may wish to say the affirmations out loud, creating your own mini ritual and ceremony.

All ingredients are ethically sourced from small, local businesses. There are no chemicals or parabens, and each candle is all natural, clean burning, and non toxic. Wooden wicks provide a smokeless, crackling sound. Wicks come from trees grown in the USA, and 1 tree is planted for the wicks I use in my candles. They are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

These make excellent gifts for yourself or others. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Thank you for supporting my small shop. 

Loved and Lit Intentional Candle: HAPPINESS

Ships within 2 weeks
  • HAPPINESS: Soy wax, Wild Orange Essential Oil, Yellow Rose, Orange Peel, Citrine 

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