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All ingredients are organic:


Rosehip Seed Oil: Best oil for face & neck. Rich in Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C, antioxidants, beta-carotene. Stimulates collagen production, brightens skin, protects against oxidative stress, neutralize free radicals, promotes renewal of skin cells


Argan Oil: known as “liquid gold”. Helps reduce signs of premature aging, fine lines, sun spots, wrinkles. Good for ezcema & lightening the skin tone. High in Vit E, carotenes, & fatty acids.

Pomegranate Oil: eliminates oxidative stress & free radicals. Reduces inflammation, dark spots, and skin cancer cells.


Moringa Oil: Rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, & Vitamins A & C. Very close to the natural oil of our skin. Hydrating, healing, balancing, and cleansing. Helps to slow the signs of aging.


Neroli Oil: Regenerates skin cells which helps with skin tightening.


Carrot Seed Oil: powerful antioxidant for protecting aging skin. Stabilizes free radicals. High amounts of beta-carotene and Vitamin A for promoting regeneration of cells. Helps fight against acne. It’s one of the best oils for preventing acne without causing additional breakouts. Calms and soothes dry skin. High in Vitamin E.


Turmeric: An Ayurvedic medicinal herb that heals & stops the growth of acne. Fights bacterial infection. Antioxidant properties that quench free radicals activity, improving skin health. Lightens sun spots.


CoQ10: Protects against environmental stressors, contributes to an even skin tone, energizes the skin, retains moisture in the skin, fights against fullness & tightens skin, minimizes appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.


Frankincense: Promotes regeneration of new cells, reduces wrinkles & scars, & protects against skin conditions like acne & ezcema.


Myrrh: prevents the skin from aging. Promotes cell repair & turnover.


Ylang Ylang: Balances sebum production, high in antioxidants, fights skin infections, & stimulates & tones the skin.


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “This anti aging serum is amazing!!! I’ve noticed such a difference in the size of my pores, dark circles under my eyes, my face is smoother etc! I am a customer for life! And I love the smelllllllll!! It’s really magic in a bottle girl! Thank you for making this!!!!”

Organic Liquid Gold Face Serum

  • 1 oz bottle. Apply to face, neck, and hands.

    1/2 a dropper full is all that's needed for face & neck.  A little goes a long way. Store in cool, dark area. Avoid allowing the bottle to sit in direct sunlight. 

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