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Activities & Discussion Topics:



♀Self Care

♀Speaking your Truth

♀Handling pressures

♀Identifying Emotions

♀Self Worth

♀Creating Ritual


♀Singing for Healing

2024 Winter/Spring Circle Schedule

Maiden Circle

This is a space for our daughters  (ages 9 - 12) to gather in sacred circle...sharing, encouraging, and supporting one another, while embracing the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and learning to stand in their truth, light, and power.

The Maiden Circle is a place for girls to learn the art of holding space, to give and receive support, and to share their hearts without fear of judgement.


When we learn at a young age that our uniqueness is to be celebrated without compeition, and that underneath our differences, we are all one, we rise up together, and we shift the vibration of the entire planet.


The circle is a safe space for girls to come together to realize their power and purpose.

Maiden Circle.jpg

$20 energy exchange
Mothers are invited to stay & participate - $5

Jan 14 (10am - 12pm)     Feb 11  (10am- 12pm)      March 10 (10am- 12pm)     April 7 (10am - 12pm)      May 5 (10am - 12pm)     June 2 (10am - 12pm)

Kids Sound Bath

Sometimes children have difficulty settling down, calming their bodies, and quieting their minds. Yet at the same time, they are easily able to release and heal what they need to.

This class is designed to gently guide children into a deep state of relaxation through a short meditation, followed by sound healing to regulate the emotions, heal, and balance the body on a cellular and energetic level, followed by individual energy healing. 🙌🏼💫

This is specifically designed for children, in order to bring them the most healing in the way they are best able to receive it. Alicia has a lot of experience working with children and is easily able to adjust to the needs of those attending. 💜

Your child needs to be mature enough to remain quiet during for 45 minutes. 

Space is limited and this class typically sells out.

This is geared to kids ages 8 - 15 (exceptions will be made on an individual basis).

Kids Sound Bath - March 11.jpg

$20 Energy Exchange 

Jan 14 (1230 - 130)    Feb 11 (1230 - 130)     March 10 (1230 - 130)     April 7 (1230 - 130)     May 5 (1230 - 130)     June 2 (1230 - 130)

New Bi-Monthly Classes

Park picture.jpg

Yoga  & Mindfulness Classes for kids
              Ages 8 - 11      12pm - 1pm
              Ages 4 - 7       1:
15pm- 2pm
              Ages 12 - 15     2:15pm - 3:15pm

(Charter Funds Accepted through Mission Vista - $20/class)

$12 Cash Rate

Contact Alicia to confirm registration. For Making Payment via venmo, please make sure to list your child's name, age, and class date/time in the "note"

   Please bring: yoga mat/blanket, journal & pen/pencil, water  

New Class Alert!

Yoga & Mindfulness 

1st & 3rd Mondays

JANUARY: Classes will be held on Jan 8 & 22

Teaching yoga, mindfulness, breath work, and meditation to children has been a part of my life since becoming a mom 11 years ago. I attribute these teachings to helping children cope with big emotions, feelings, and change, while learning how to resolve conflict and peacefully flow through life.


I teach a weekly, full day mindfulness class on Thursdays, weave it in to all of my other teachings, and after numerous requests, I finally have some space in my schedule to offer these drop in classes again. 

I will be offering 3 different classes for different age groups. Each class will focus on yoga/mindful movement, while weaving in some guided imagery & breath work, or story. Each class will be structured to accommodate that specific age group.

Funds are accepted through Mission Vista Academy. Cash rate also available. 

Please make sure to contact Alicia directly to sign your child up. Classes will be held 2x/month. Classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather, so please make sure to follow Mindful Conscious Kids on Instagram for updates. 

Location: Meadows Park, Temecula


"As an energy practitioner myself, I am incredibly discerning about who shares my / my children's sacred spaces / sacred experiences. I would choose Alicia over and over and over again. She's true. She's love. She's light. She's a child of this earth...and I am so incredibly grateful to know call her a walk beside her in this life. I followed a nudge to attend her Mother / Daughter Workshop with my girl, and it was pure sweetness. Follow any nudges you feel towards any of her beautiful won't be sorry."

- Kim P

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