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This is unlike any journey I’ve seen or hosted. 

✨ Steam room with fresh herbs

✨ heated salt water (no chemicals)

✨ sound healing

✨ energy healing

Welcome to your journey toward a rejuvenated self.

Arrival Time is 8pm. Sound healing will begin at 815. Please be on time. 💗

You will be immersed in the 92 degree salt water so wear clothes or a bathing suit you are comfortable getting WET. There is one changing room for after if needed. Mesh rafts with floats behind the neck/head & thighs will be provided. 

* Your head and hair will NOT be immersed in water.

Please bring a towel and any other change of clothes you need. Please also bring water to drink for after.


Herbal Steam Sound Soak .png

This is at a private residence. Address will be given once registered.  


Special pricing of only $45 if registered and paid by June 1. $55 AFTER June 1.

To register, VENMO $45 or $55 to @HolisticallyCentered (Alicia Hood) with your name and the date of event: “6/21 herbal steam soak”.


Saturday, February 3, 2024 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, March 30 2024 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, June 8, 2024 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, August 3, 2024 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, September 28, 2024 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, November 23 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Healing Sound Bath  

Sound healing has ancient roots in cultures all over the world, including Tibet and the Himalayas using singing bowls during spiritual ceremonies.


Sound meditation is a form of focused awareness type meditation. Sound frequency works to move energy through, and out the body; where emotions, trauma, and pain are often stored.


Sound-based vibration treatment has been shown to help people with pain from arthritis, menstrual pain, postoperative pain, knee replacement pain. It has even been found to improve mobility, reduce muscle pain and stiffness, increase blood circulation, and lower blood pressure.


Emotions and trauma that we may not even be aware of has the ability to move during a sound bath. And everyone’s experience is different, based on what will most serve them for their highest good.


The vibrations can be felt throughout the body. Sound is one of the gentlest ways to assist in your healing.


My journey with sound began 5 years ago when I was in Nepal with my daughters. I instantly fell in love with this powerful healing modality, and soaked up as much wisdom as I could from the Elders.


I hope you can join me in this sacred space, where you are free to be you, let go, and heal yourself.

2024 Schedule

Drum Circles 

Every culture around the world has made ritual use of drumming. Something primal and ancient awakens in our neuroanatomy when the drums beat. The benefits have been felt since human life on this planet began. A connection to the almighty Mother. A deep knowing develops… that healing can come from our own magnificent minds, bodies, and souls.


This space is so sacred and powerful. It’s ancient. It’s primal. It reconnects you to the wisdom of your ancestors… the keepers of this land.

We begin each circle connecting to the Earth and Great Spirit above. Reconnecting within our bodies and releasing the old patterns and beliefs that keep us stuck. 

We flow into drumming...there is no right or wrong way to drum. It simply is a space to connect deeply to YOUR beat. 

It is a space free of judgment for you to release anything you are needing to release, however that may look for you. It's a space to bring in joy, childlike wonder, freedom, power, your voice...connecting to your soul song. 

We finish lying down in circle, with soft song as you receive energy cleansing and healing, soaking in the power that was created.


2024 Schedule

Saturday, January 6, 2024 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, March 2, 2024 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, May 25 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, August 31, 2024 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Saturday, October 26 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Friday, December 20 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar


Saturday, June 22 @ 6pm - Sage Sanctuary, Wildomar

Sacred Women's Circle

Join Intuitive Holistic Healer, Alicia Love, in our gathering of sisterhood. This is a space for all women to gather in sacred circle... sharing, encouraging, and supporting one another, while embracing the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and learning to stand in their truth, light, and power.

This Sacred Women’s Circle is a place for women to hold space, to give and receive support, and to share their hearts without fear of judgement.

When we are with others who celebrate our uniqueness without compeition, and understand that underneath our differences, we are all one, we rise up together, and we shift the vibration of the entire planet.

The circle is a safe space for women to come together to realize their power and purpose.

Please bring a small, sacred object you wish to share in our alter/centerpiece for the duration of the evening (such as a crystal, feather, photo, etc; anything that holds significance to you).

Come be yourself, exactly as you are. We all carry our own medicine… our wisdom from our experiences. And even if you’re not ready to share, the essence of your being contribute to the power and healing of us all.

Private Sound Healings available for families, friends, or colleagues. Please contact directly to book, and see Services for more information.

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