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Mother / Child Bonding Workshops

Mindful Classes for Littles, kids, and Teens

Sound Baths and Drum Circles

Energy Healing/Clearing & Space Blessings

Shamanic Healing

Womb Healing (Individual & Ceremonies)

Past Life & Ancestral Trauma Healing

Channeling & Guided Messages

Life Coaching


Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Counseling

Sacred Women's Circles

Pink Tent Circles

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

My Story


I am a mom, healer, teacher, and guide.


My holistic journey began at the age of 15, after experiencing a traumatic sports accident that changed the entire direction of my life. My right leg was nearly amputated and I was told I would be lucky to ever walk again. My spirit clearly did not register, nor accept this as truth, as I knew I would heal quickly and easily....which I the amazement of doctors and Western medicine. 

I always had a calling to Eastern medicine and holistic healing therapies, and I have tremendous confidence in the power of our own selves to heal. 

I mentored under a naturopath at the age of 16, and learned all about herbology and natural healing remedies. 

Upon graduating high school, I studied and received my personal training certification, then went to school to become a Holistic Health Practitioner; where I learned massage techniques, energy healing, Ayurveda, Eastern medicine, and other healing modalities. 

I worked with many people, but felt a strong pull to help heal and empower women, and I spent three years working extensively with women. 

Time went on, and my life changed direction...I travelled around the world and spent time living in the Czech Republic.  I entered into, and spent 14 years of my life in a very toxic and unhealthy relationship, before our soul contract was up and I was able to move forward on my life's purpose and path. 

I have no regret or ill feelings for any of the experiences I went through. It was all divinely planned, and helped me to come full circle to my life's mission and purpose. 


I have two amazing daughters who I am blessed to walk this Earth with. They have taught me so much, and I realized the most important things I can do for them is to live fully in my truth and stand in my power. They are my greatest inspirations and joys. And I was determined to break ancestral chains and trauma so they can grow up more free and connected to their power. Together, we have travelled around the world, living amongst the locals and learning from they live off the land, how they use plants as medicine, what brings them joy, the many different modalities of healing. In Nepal my love and knowledge for sound healing grew especially strong.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, which I use in combination with all of my other healing modalities and experiences, to bring each soul a unique and personalized healing experience that goes beyond the surface layers to the nitty gritty soul work that will set you free in this life time. 

My intention is to help you heal all the past life, ancestral, and current life traumas that may be holding you back from living your most authentic and joyous life. Once these wounds are healed, your soul will feel free, as you break the chains and patterns so that the light within you is able to shine brightly onto the world. And this work allows those who follow after you (children) to be free. 

About Alicia Love

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Shadow Self - Balance

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