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Holistically Centered, with Alicia Love, was created to empower you and awaken you to your soul's purpose. Through deep healing, you may leave behind all that no longer serves you, and move forward in life confidently, freely, and empowered. When we heal those layers of trauma, we remove the blocks that stand in the way of our truth and purpose. Shine your Light.


We facilitate many intimate gatherings &  workshops to allow you the opportunity to pause, ground, center, and reconnect with yourself, your littles, and other women. 

Meet Alicia Love ~ Intuitive Healer & Teacher


I'm a single mama of two beautiful daughters. We've travelled the world together, living amongst the locals in other cultures, and learning through experience. I am an intuitive holistic healer who works with the natural world. I began my journey over 20 years ago with herbology and eastern medicine; Which led to working with and empowering women on their health and lifestyle journeys. I have over 20 years experience with holistic healing modalities, from herbology and nutrition, to eastern medicine including sound & energy healing, body work and acupressure. After seeking out shamans for healing advice while traveling, I felt called to dive further in this realm, and am excited and honored to hold my shamanic practitioner certification. I believe in empowering women, healing ancestral wounds and inner child trauma, discovering our joy and life purpose, and raising our little ones connected and empowered. I've been teaching kids of all ages since 2012, and love allowing their minds and hearts to soar freely. The light shines within us all, and sometimes we just need a little help reigniting it. I am an observer of my thoughts and feelings, and a forever student of life. 


Empowering Women in Africa

Creating unity and empowerment through connection with other powerful women around the world. The women from the Masai Tribe in Tanzania showed me what it means to connect and heal with other women, and how laughter and joy heal the soul. 

Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Guidance

Plant-Based Nutrition Certification under Dr. T. Colin Campbell and eCornell.  I offer guidance, support, meal plans, and cooking classes. 
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