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Shine Your Light on the Darkness...

History is bound to repeat itself unless we wake up as a collective and connect the similarities.

I can't think of a time in history when our government really truly had our best interest at heart. The advertisements and programming for "the greater good" has never panned out too well when I scan the timeline of western civilization.

Yet here we are again. In the midst of another marketing campaign "for the greater good".

What have we learned?

Prior to 2020, I worldschooled my daughters. Their education came from our endless travels around the world; living with and amongst the natives and learning about their way of life, culture, existence, medicine, history... directly from them. My intent was to expose my children to the differences of the world, so that they could formulate their own opinions drawing on logic, their hearts, and understand that at the root of all of this, we are all connected.

So often over the past 18 months, I have thought back to our time spent in Cambodia, and what we witnessed, learned, and experienced there. Not too long ago (a mere 45 years!), Pol Pot and the Khmer Regime took over and executed nearly 2 million Cambodians. It was evident throughout the land that the people were still grieving and finding their way. Those that lived through the genocide were closed and traumatized.

How did this happen?

There was finally someone willing to talk with me about it all from a personal perspective, and share openly about what had happened, and how that affected the people today. She was so honest and had such a positive energy to her, regardless of what her people suffered through. I remember asking her, "Do you worry something like this could happen again?"

Her response is clearly visible in my heart and mind, and has been showing up on repeat over the past 18 months as I watch our world moving in that exact direction she assured could never be.

She said, "We have Facebook and social media now. So the people wouldn't let this happen. Everyone would know and be able to stop it."

Interesting isn't it? The very platform that is censoring all freedom of speech will be our ticket for preventing another mass genocide.

It's so important now, more than ever, to wake up the sleeping giant within...the internal knowingness. That God given intuition. The ancient wisdom of our ancestors. We must, as a collective, stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers and trust the voice within.

Look at what is happening. Look at what has happened in the history of western civilization.

Start asking questions.

Why is it that the ONLY world leader that actively spoke out against the agenda and falsity of the tests in 2020, dies?

Why is it that all 3 world leaders who have refused to accept the covid v acc in ation from the World Health Organization...have all died shortly after? (In Burundi it was President Pierre Nkurunziza; In Tanzania, it was President John Magufuli; In Haiti, it was President Jovenel Moïse).


Why is that?

What did they have in common?

What were their differences?



Has that happened any other time in our history?

JFK warned the people to "hold the media accountable". He insisted we demand they report facts, not opinions to push an agenda.

What happened to him?

Look back throughout history. Those that warn you of evil...what do they have to gain? What happens to them?

Who profits off you being sick?

Who profits off you being healthy?

How are the healthy people staying healthy?

It's time to start asking the questions. And this can be scary, and extremely uncomfortable.

You have free will. You are a sovereign being. You are safe and protected by the grace of God. You are an energetic being that is far beyond the existence of this physical body.

And you are strong enough to see.

What we are experiencing as a collective right now is absolutely necessary in the evolution of our existence.

This darkness that is playing out right now has to happen in order to clear. This stuff has always happened, but it was covered and hidden behind the scenes. Now we are in a state of consciousness where the veil has been removed and we can SEE this; it's no longer hiding.

The only way to clear it is to shine light on it. Light outshines darkness, but you have to see it first. We are shining the light now.

For those of you that are struggling with seeing...

I understand completely.

It's painful to walk through and experience. It's dark. It can make you lose hope in the human existence. It can shatter everything you've ever believed.

Allow yourself this. Allow yourself the opportunity to FEEL everything you are feeling. Allow your anger and fear, and all of the things you are feeling an outlet.

Do not hold it inside.

Then go outside barefoot and ground out in nature. Feel the sunshine and the breeze. Go somewhere where there's water and allow it to cleanse you.

Continue to see and feel this darkness. And then release it.

This is the only way to truly clear what is happening.

We have to see it. We have to shine light upon it.

We will continue to see an increase in the darkness. More restrictions and darkness will be shown. And for some, there may be complete despair and devastation.

But understand, trust, and KNOW, that we are moving through this. We will not stay in it.

Continue to do your part. Ask questions. See. Feel. Ground. Release. Shine that light within you. Shine the God given light you were born into this world with.

Trust in your Self. Connect with your Self. Allow that light to grow brighter and stronger.

Do not allow that darkness to divide us. The agendas they push against race, creed, color, wealth, age, not allow them to continue to use our beautiful differences to divide us. Because at the root of it all...

We are connected. We are one. The power of us joined together is stronger than any darkness.

This post is NOT a debate about what you choose to do for your health and your family's health. It's intention is simply to spark the light within you to begin to question what you've been told...what you've been taught. To listen to your own internal wisdom. To start asking questions, and thinking from a different perspective on the reality you are experiencing. And to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. Much love and light to you.

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