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The Greatest Gift...

As I find myself in stillness...watchful...detached...I observe how quick the human mind is to "fix" others.

I see this internal struggle many face with family, friends, acquaintances...people they don't even "show them the way". To make them see.

It is with good intent.

However, this isn't our purpose or role here on Earth, and it is is these moments we face struggle.

Each Soul walking on Earth at this time is here for a specific reason. Each Soul came to Earth for their own lessons.

You don't need to fix them...

To show them.

To guide them.

They are already doing what they need to be doing. Everything unfolds exactly as its meant to unfold, but we struggle to understand this.

Our human nature is wanting to help because we have empathy for one another. When a person is sharing their feelings and struggle, or simply expressing themselves, our human nature jumps in to "save" them and tell them why they need to feel differently or not have the thoughts they do. To make them see another side and our point of view. To SHOW them the light. We invalidate their feelings when we do this.

We don't need to show anyone the light. We simply embody and BE the light. And the greatest gift we can offer another is the allowance...the allowance of their journey to unfold in its own time.

Allowing them their feelings.

Allowing them their thoughts.

Allowing them their actions.

Allowing them their choices.

This does not mean that you have to agree, or that it has to be your path. But just accept where everyone is on their own journey...just as you are on yours.

Each soul came to this Earth for a lesson. Each Soul came to this Earth for a purpose.

Allow that.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up and worked up in what's going on around us. But what others experience has nothing to do with us.

Go back within your Self.

Allow others the freedom of expression.

Allow your Self the freedom of expression. And go inward. Focus on your journey. That is all that is being asked of you. That is all that is needed at this time.

Find the stillness...observe...witness...detach...And offer the gift of acceptance so that each Soul may blossom, just as a flower, in its own time, at its own pace. Hear each other. Hear what another has to say and allow them the opportunity to express themselves without interjecting.

Find stillness. Go within. Be the light.

And trust that everyone is exactly where they are meant to be in each present moment.

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