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"Be the Tree" ~ March 15, 2021

I got together with two of my soul sisters to channel in circle. It is such a magical time and the information that comes through in this state of consciousness is so powerful.

I have been pondering the past two years about buying a house versus renting. I recently sold my NC home due to my divorce, and have been just waiting to see what would happen. My ex and I share custody of our children, and since he recently bought a house locally (keeping him here for the meantime) I wanted to know if I should jump into the market while the interest rates are low and I could afford to buy a home. So I wanted insight into this...

Q: Alicia, do you feel ready to speak today?

A: I think sooooo......

Q: And whose presence do you feel?

A: Dharma.

Q: Welcome Dharma. Thank you Alicia. Dharma, may I ask questions to you directly?

A: Yes, please.

Q: Welcome. Thank you for being here. Alicia has asked a question, now that ***** has bought a house nearby, she's wondering, for any insight, into her own choices, now that he's made his choice. What insight can you offer her?

A: I encourage her to go within because she already knows the answer. Her choice... Her choices in life are not dependent on him, or what another, any other being is choosing to do.

She can go within. And she knows this answer, and I will say it for her subconscious mind, so that when she listens back, she will hear it in her conscious mind.

She can begin the process. There are steps involved that she needs to know what she's approved for if she chooses to go this route. So it does not hurt or harm to start the process.

But she needs to move forward on a path, as she has been doing the past couple of years, one without urgency. There is no urgency for her to move. She is safe. She is happy. Her girls are happy where they are. I can tell her that things are going to change within the next couple of years. And as long as she moves forward from a path of her heart space, and her Higher Self, with me...she will be guided. She will know the directions to take and move in.

She just needs to remember there is no urgency. She can put the feelers out and see what comes up. But this is her time to not she has done in the past.

She can desire, and her desires can be reality. This truly is a world where you create. What is it that you want? Let this be your guiding force... What is it that you want your life to be here? Allow this to lead you and move you forward. And answers will come.

But there is no urgency. She can ride it out. And when it comes....she will know.

Q: That's beautiful Dharma. Thank you for reassuring her that there's no urgency. And that all is safe and well for her. Can you, or would you like to give her any more insight into the changes or what may specifically help her through those changes?

A: There's going to be a lot of worldly changes and there's also going to be changes within her personal and immediate life in relation with her ex, the father of her children. There will be change. I...I cannot say all. I cannot give specifics. But she knows. And there will be change. And for her to just imagine... Imagine the tree, and this will help her, and will help all of you.

To be the tree.

Rooted down, strong, anchored in your Self, in your Knowingness, in your Trust, in your Light. But allow your Self the freedom and availability to flow as life changes. Bend and move with this. This will help you navigate life and the upcoming changes. Upcoming changes in the world, and also for Alicia in her personal life.

Q: That's so beautiful Dharma, thank you so much.

A: Thank you.

Q: As you see Alicia, *****, and I, do you have any final message you would like to impart?

A: Yes. To really imagine and be the tree. Feel it. It is a part of you. We're alllll connected. Every last bit on this Earth is connected. And the tree is such a significant part of this existence here. It's rooted and strong and grounded, but it flows with the wind, and the wind is the change of life.

If you are too strongly rooted you cannot flow and therefor you would break. But if you are not rooted at all you would topple over.

Find this balance within your own lives. Allow this balance within your own lives. And trust... all is well. There is only love. You are the creator of your reality. Have faith and trust in this knowingness. It is within you.

Much love. Many blessings.

Q: Thank you Dharma. Thank you Alicia. That was so beautiful.

Later this evening I was in meditation, and Dharma came to me again. I've channeled her quite a few times in the past 2 months, and I feel a closeness and strong connection to her...She is an aspect of me. She IS me. But she is not my Higher Self. She is a different aspect. She is not from my past. I never quite understood the full connection. When she came to me in meditation later, she told me: "I am your future Self."

I know time is not linear, as we have categorized it here on Earth. That time is eternal and ever changing and moving all at once. It felt so exactly and perfectly right when she said this, yet my human Self, my conscious mind, still is trying to make sense of it all.

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