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All oils are infused with herbs to draw out the medicines of those plants. Each herb has a specific purpose to treat, help, and heal any ailment.


This super healing balm is great for anti-aging, and dry & rough skin, as it’s designed to repair, nourish, and heal at the cellular level.


Ingredients are all organic:


Tamanu Oil: Rich in fatty acids & antioxidants. Promotes collagen. Great for dry skin, sun spots, & stretch marks. Prevents wrinkles.


Hemp Oil: packed with omegas and nutrients that help moderate oil production, soothe inflammation, & helps prevent & reverse signs of aging.


Jojoba Oil: the molecular structure is very similar to the natural structure of our skin, which helps prevent irritation.


Rosehip: rich in Vit A & C, collagen stimulating, Hugh in beta-carotene. Promotes new cell growth, brightens skin, protects against oxidative stress, fades dark spots & scars, also used in treating acne.


Kokum butter: High in Vit E & essential fatty acids. Light weight, easily absorbed into skin. Aids in cell oxygenation & regeneration.


Mango butter: High in antioxidants & Vit C. Helps with inflammation, eczema, & treating fine lines & wrinkles.


Shea Butter: Rich in stearic & oleic acids, Vit E, and Vit A. Anti-aging properties & great for dry, wind burned, or sunburned skin. Helps with diaper rash, stretch marks, & cellulite.


Helichrysum: Helps speed recovery of wounds, & anti aging properties.


Calendula: Packed with flavonoids & carotenoids to help heal all skin conditions, from acne to wounds. Reduce inflammation & promotes cell repair.


Frankincense: Promotes regeneration of new cells, reduces wrinkles & scars, & protects against skin conditions like acne & eczema.


Myyrh: Prevents the skin from aging, cell repair and turnover.



Available in  1 oz tins or 4 oz glass jars.

Local Pickup in Temecula (with possible drop off locations).

Super Healing Balm

SKU: Healing Balm
  • 1 oz  Super Healing Balm. 

    To order a larger size, please contact directly.

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