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How to Create your Reality... (June 7, 2021)

What you are facing here now on this Earth is, and what you have been facing for the past so many months and years... Is a gradual shift. There is no single, big, main event that will be taking place.

And some will move through this slower than others, while some move through it very quickly. It is up to each individual how quickly you move through this time, and thus, that will determine how quickly we move through it as a collective.

You are being asked to FEEL more. To step into your heart space. To quiet the noise around you, and go within.

In each moment, you have a choice.

What do you choose?

In each moment, you have a choice to see love, or to not see love. This is how you create your reality, this is how you shift, this is how you ascend. This is how you step into different realms.

Simply here...BEing, and choosing within each moment.

And as energy moves and spirals, and time is not able to exist. You do not have just one chance or one choice to "get it right". You will be constantly in a state of receiving, of crossroads, of being able to choose the path that you move forward on.

It's always your choice. You always choose how you wish to view and move through life. And it's nothing to fear. There's no worry about where, or how, or what you choose and where you go.

But you are being asked to make the choice in each moment, and then let it go. Don't hold on to it. Don't cling to it. Don't look back and think 'if only'. Because you will have many more. It's a constant journey and road through this life that you are weaving. And you are always free to choose and you will always have choice. Even in the simplest of moments.

In the simplest of moments is what can be most profound at times, because this ripples out into your other realms of reality. Into other relationships. Into other consciousnesses. So know that you hold the power to create this reality, and you can choose love or not. It's always within you.

Remember this as you move forward in life. As you are faced with illusions of reality. As darkness is shown. As fear begins to emerge.

Feel from your heart. Where does it call you? Make a choice. And move forward confidently.

The more each human here is able to live from this state, and see love, and choose love, and move forward, the quicker we move through existences and realities that we no longer resonate with.

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