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Life is a Spiral....

Sometimes when we heal a wound deep within, our mind tricks us into believing that we will never experience that situation again that brought the wound to us in the first place. We believe we won't have the same reactions, or feelings, or thoughts attached to it.

Yet this is why our mind is so immature compared to the wisdom of our heart...of our Soul. The mind is not as wise, and therefore creates realities that are pure illusion.

Life is a spiral...this ever growing spiral. And we have the free will to move as quickly or as slowly through this spiral of life lessons that we choose. The more we seek the illusion as truth, the slower we move, and with more struggle. Whereas the more we feel and listen with our heart, the quicker we move and with more ease and flow.

And as we move through each lesson, peeling back more layers and truths, the lessons become closer together. We come back through situations and experiences many many times until we have mastered our awareness and consciousness surrounding them. And until there are no longer any other layers for us to see or learn from.

Just because we heal the wound, does not mean we won't be presented with the same lesson multiple times on our journey. We are constantly in a state of evolution; growing, learning, surrendering, observing, letting go, and choosing. What we master by healing one wound, is the opportunity to continue healing on a deeper level. To fully integrate that lesson into our daily lives until it has no need to show up anymore.

But all too often we believe we go back in time, see a situation, see the lesson, and are "healed". Or we are face with the lesson, don't react, and think "I've mastered that one."

Life just doesn't work that way. And that is the most beautiful, yet humanly frustrating thing about this all.

We are not expected to get it all right, all the time, or even all at once. We have many opportunities to master the lessons. To integrate them. To practice them. To learn from them.

We are here to learn the art of detachment. To fully be an observer of life. To feel fully from each experience, but not attach our Selves to that experience.

The lessons take much longer when we deny ourselves the gift and opportunity to feel everything fully.

And the quicker we can realize THIS... that we are meant to FEEL. To feel FULLY without attachment....then we will have mastered the lesson and fully healed the wound that created this opportunity for us.

What things are you struggling with? Comment below and let me know how I can help!

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That was so beautiful. Do you have any tips for remembering to Feel in the moment meanwhile stay detached?

Alicia Love
Alicia Love
Dec 30, 2021
Replying to

Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your question. 💜 Honestly, it just takes practice... living from this space over and over again. We are programmed in this world to judge, criticize, and attach to our feelings and the feelings of others. But it’s not our true nature. So unlearning and removing that program takes practice; and luckily we are given a LOT of opportunity to practice! So when something comes up for you, pause, take a breath, notice what you’re feeling, and tell yourself “it is ok to feel this.” You are NOT your feelings. It is just a reaction to an experience.

It may also help you to explore if your feelings…

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