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Stepping into Spring Equinox - Manifestation Ceremony

Spring is here! Days will begin to grow longer, allowing in more light. Mother Nature is nurturing the new growth of life and everything is beginning to bloom. It's such a powerful and beautiful time of birth, growth, and light.

We are entering the beginning of a new cycle. And with that, you have the power to create. To manifest.

What do you want your life to look like?

This shift into Spring is a time to refocus your mindset and get really clear with your intentions.

How can you do this?

Here is a simple ceremony you can hold by yourself, with your children, your partner, or even a small sacred group of friends. It's short and sweet, but oh so powerful!

Find a quiet and peaceful place to hold your ceremony.

You will need:

~ a candle

~ one of more of the following crystals: amethyst (intuition), aquamarine (courage), clear quartz (balance), green moss agate (fresh start), jasper (tranquility), moonstone (balance and nutriment), rose quartz (self-love)

~ pictures of things you would like to manifest or words of affirmation

~ flowers

~ seed of some sort (not necessary but added bonus)


~ Clear a space to create this altar for your ceremony today. It's great if it can be in a place you will be able to leave and see every day. If not, no worries. It still holds much power.

~ Decorate your altar with your candle, crystals, flowers, pictures, and/or affirmations.

~ Light your candle (away from pictures and affirmations).

~ Sit comfortably and facing your altar, holding one of the crystals in your hand (whichever one you feel called the first thought that comes in).

~ Close your eyes, relax your body, and begin to notice your breath in and out. Create a steady rhythm with your breath. As you inhale, you are taking in the start of a new cycle. As you exhale, you are letting go of the old cycle. Continue breathing this in (new) and out (old).

~ As you breathe, focus on what you want to bring into your life. A new career, more peace, acceptance, self-love, internal peace, deeper connections with your relationships, a new love....whatever it is you want. SEE it in your mind. Visualize it in detail, and see it and yourself LIVING this right now.

~ When you are able to fully visualize your desires and hold this space in your frequency and mind, say these words out loud, and repeat 3 times:

"This is the beginning of a new season, a new cycle, a rebirth. I am ready to achieve

my wildest dreams. Today, I am planting the seeds and watching them take root

and grow. And so it is."

~ After the third time, put out your candle and trust in your process and the seeds you just internally planted into your Self and the Universe.

If you have some time after, go out in nature... plant seeds, flowers, trees, plants. Dig into the Earth. Or go for a hike. Soak up the sun. Feel nature and the new beginnings all around. Breathe it in.

Much love and many blessings to you on this powerful day of new beginnings and growth. Connect with me over on Instagram, and Facebook. And be sure to join our Censorship Free community right here in our forum: Live In Light.

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