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The Dying Matrix

Yesterday I felt a major energetic shift happen. And it was so powerful, so uplifting, so inspiring.

Everything you see in the outer world is all illusion. None of it is real. It is simply the energy of the collective that is playing out for each being on Earth to have an experience; to feel, to learn from, to heal, to move past, to make a choice.

What we are experiencing here on Earth, and what has been playing out for thousands of years, is a matrix of lies and illusions. It is a web designed to trap the minds and Souls in order to feed itself.

And for so long, we were a part of that system. Accepting what we were told, being obedient, and doing our part for the "greater good".

This is what kept the matrix alive and hidden in plain sight.

Every single system in place has been created by design, to disconnect the human from its Higher Self. From the moment you are born, until the day your soul leaves this Earth, has been designed to trap you in this system. Through programming, entertainment, coercion, and money... lower vibrations...all of it is designed to disconnect you from your Self. So that you question your Self, and turn towards the system for guidance. This is how the web traps you in. And they do it through repetition, disconnect, and fear.

Yet this matrix of illusion has been exposed. People are waking up to their Selves....their Power....and when this light is turned on and activated, it disconnects you from the web. More and more people are waking up to their power. They are reclaiming their power. They are trusting in themselves. They are standing in their truth. This is where the power lies because within this simple shift, the matrix loses power. It looses its energy. It looses its power source: You. And this matrix is dying. It is screaming out and doing everything in its power to stay connected to the minds and souls as its energy source; it simply cannot survive without it.

So it has no other choice but to use extreme fear through chaos, division, and destruction to control you and save itself. It's the last and only resort it has.

But this shift....this energetic shift... is just too great. The power has already shifted, and the momentum it is carrying cannot be stopped. But the matrix is doing whatever it can to reconnect to those awakened... for it does not want to die.

And it is happening this way because we have free will CHOOSE. You have choice. You've always had choice. And you always will.

Your job is solely to your Self right now. Therein lies the power. This is what will help others. Stand in your truth. Reclaim your birthright. Hold your power. Trust your Self. Shine your light. Command your presence and space. This will give others the courage to awaken their own light. And nothing can stop this momentum we have set forth.

You have no control on another being. You cannot force someone to see something they are not ready to see. Understand each person is on their own journey. They are here to play a role. Some are here to help awaken humanity, and they chose to stay in the darkness to help others awaken. This is ok and a choice their soul made. You must allow this.

Trying to prove your point, make someone see, or argue with another only lowers your vibration, and thus dims your light; reconnecting you back to the matrix's web of illusion. This is where you have choice.

Many will struggle going through the darkness. Seeing the darkness, and all that is hiding there. But understand and know...that darkness has always been there. That illusion, those lies...they've always been there, but they've been hidden in plain sight. But because of the awakening of each person, more light continues to shine on these illusions. We SEE it. We are clearing it. We are moving through it.

It is now time and it is happening.

And it is so incredible and beautiful to witness.

Trust that no matter what you are faced with in the upcoming weeks and months, that you are protected. This is what the dying matrix looks like. Continue to hold your power... without waver. Know we will make it through. Have hope. Have faith. Awaken. Shine bright. always have choice.

Much love and many blessings.

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