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The Importance of Feeling...

Feeling is the human emotion we came to Earth to experience. Our Souls WANTED to feel to the depths of this emotion. To experience, to learn, to grow, to evolve.

But what happens from the moment we come into this life?

We are quieted.

We are told not to cry.

We are told there's no reason to be upset.


This system on Earth was designed to challenge you.

To bring you back to your Heart Space.

To reconnect you with your Higher Self.

To find your way back home.

Through the maze of shiny things, criticism, doubt, and fear...

So you can once again FEEL. And to allow that to flow freely...without judgement. Without attachment to the emotion.

We are all conduits of energy. Imagine the feeling coming in through the crown of your head, making its way to your heart space...

We have 3 options here:

  1. To react immediately. This forces the emotion back up and out through our crown. And we then judge ourselves for the reaction.

  2. To bury it inside and cut off the feeling. We judge the feeling, we attach to the feeling. We don't want to feel it, so we bury it inside. This forces it to be stuck in the heart space.

  3. Observe the feeling. Without judgement and without attachment. This allows us the opportunity to observe the emotions that arise, to FEEL it fully. And it allows those feelings to pass through our heart space, down our bodies, and out our root chakra. And the moment then passes, and we are able to maintain a balanced state.

In both the first two options, the feelings don't go away. This is why we have so many people completely shut down and disconnected, or who explode for seemingly no reason. Or why when something insignificant happens, that wouldn't normally be a big deal, all of a sudden BECOMES a big deal to us. Feelings don't simply go away because we react or tell them to. The energy behind the feeling is still there...

We still feel the feelings.

But we've trapped that energy. We didn't allow it to FLOW. Because of our free will and the systems in place, we created a traffic jam of energy within our bodies. And the more we do this, the more it builds up. The more it creates disharmony and dis-ease.

This suppressed energy is like a tumor, growing and spreading within us, until we just can't contain it anymore. And it erupts like a volcano, causing so much more damage.

You have free will.

You have choice.

You have that power.

What do you want to choose?

Do you wish to struggle and push the feelings aside through judgement and attachment, waiting for the volcano to erupt?

Or do you wish to flow like the wind through life; constantly moving energy through your physical body to maintain balance and harmony?

This may feel very scary to practice at first. The art of feeling without judgement and attachment. But are safe. This is what you are here on Earth to experience: to FEEL. It is such a gift.

All of the experiences life provides is a beautiful gift to allow your Soul the opportunity to feel.

So slow down... notice your Self.

Notice how you feel in situations.



Bare witness to the feelings that arise within you.

Feelings are NOT good or bad.

They are NOT right or wrong.

They simply are.

They are simply feelings to a moment in time.


Your feelings are NOT who you are.

Your feelings do NOT define you.

They are just a reaction to an experience.

So allow yourself the gift of feeling. And once you can do will invite so much more much more much more balance...and so much more trust into your life.

And you give others permission to do the same.

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